A classical novel by Malayalam writer, Malayattoor Ramakrishnan. The story narrates the uprooting of heritage and overruling of modernism. Verukal won. Verukal (Malayalam) Paperback Books- Buy Verukal (Malayalam) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD. – : Verukal (Malayalam) eBook: Malayattoor Ramakrishnan: Publisher: DC Books (November 30, ); Publication Date: November 3, .

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I can read Malayalam, but have never read novels. This particular novel was written by a person related to us in a distant manner – and hence it was exciting to know about it.

I have been told that some our family members were also represented in the book.

malayalaam Thats a wonderful news. I npvel really like to know which were the characters, if u have any idea. I loved many of them. And would recommend – pls do read it once. This is one of the best novels and very relevant.

I read it as a kid and when I go through similar situation, I can relate to the protagonist very well, especially because I did malayallam marry a Malayali girl. I need to go back to my roots. How I miss childhood in my beloved malayalam keralam. At first, i did not hav interest in verukwl it, but just once i read the whole book, i wanted to read it again and again.

It’s a superb novel and i am sure that whoever reads his book just once will like it percent. Can a tree exist without roots? It is a smooth interplay verukaal the past an present in the life of Raghu. His past lives in memories – dormant as the flame in ash.


Until a visit to his ancestral land – patently with the malayaam of finishing off all connections with that place forever – and realises that there is more in it than mere land and a few people financially dependent on him for support. Pori novel raghu our davu kidu kidu kidu Lots of love to how the dude overcame probs kin life Became ias and my fav most hearttouched part was that of his nephew ramu bein bit by a rabid dog it made me cry. I’m am a malayali and I’m a 10th std student.

So I would like to talk about this novel in Malayalam.

Njan vaayichittolla novelukalil enikk etavum ishtapetta oru novelaanith. Oru manushyante jeevithathil undaakunna anubhavangalil palathine kurichum ithil paranjittund.

Something nogel I have Read, Watched, or Felt. Verukal is a Malayalam novel by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan. We had to study this in class X as part of our second language.

Initially I understood nothing much. It had tamil dialogues in it and I found the story also boring. But once I picked up the flow, I couldn’t resist verukap it at one stretch. And if you would believe, I had read this book more than 20 times out of sheer interest, academics apart. The novel is considered a semi-autobiographical story of the author.

We see the story in fragments. The protagonist is settled in Chennai who lives with his wife and children. His wife is a society lady, while the husband is a very nostalgic person whose every thought still yearns for his roots in Kerala. Each thought reminds him about an incident from his life in Kerala and family. And this is how we get malayaalam know the story.


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There are a lot of incidents in the story which might evoke nostalgia in us also. The thoughts and thinkings help us get to know the character well.

The incidents he relates from his childhood and college days are wonderful. They are just trifle things, but the way he explains them is superb.

A lot of characters are there in story – his sisters, their husbands, grandparents, friends, teachers, people in the village, and so on.


So many simple and lively characters. He even gives the profile of certain characters. The relationship he shared with his father and elder sister, his college days, first love, life with grandparents, small pranks and jokes, everything is wonderful.

I haven’t read much Malayalam works – but had I missed this one, it would have been an immense loss. Malayalam LiteratureMalayattoor RamakrishnanSemi-autobiography. Newer Post Older Post Home. I am a Technical Writer and a Mom.

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