Our league is coming up to a restart and I’m thinking about running some lizardmen. I’ve built the warband (4 hero’s, totem warrior with halberd. from memory lizard men came out with the lustria campaign, i think there was a dark elf warband at the same time. icant really emember, tho i. Hello! Several people have asked me about my Lizardman warband in Mordheim , and I’m doing a WIP thing for them. I was using my Seraphon.

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Overall Lizardmen performed very well but having a cap on Saurus really hurts the list.

Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

Thanks to scenarios where I got to beat the undeath out of some zombies, I managed to get my guys up pretty high. Or just want to show off your painting skills. My third game was crushing, and I lost three Skinks, wiping out a henchmen group.

Kernumius View Profile View Posts. If this moves them into contact with an enemy they count as charging. This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 25th, at 8: Dragonfire and Ritual like this.

His chosen are marked by extremely thick scales and bony protrusions. Chameleon Skinks may have equipment from the Skinks Equipment list. They use massive weapons that are often times chained to them so they do not luzardmen them in favor of their natural weapons.


Mordheim Lizardmen

I love me some Lizardmen, but the core warbands should probably come first witch hunters, undead, etc. They have no long range shooting modification.

The Scar-Veteran may be equipped from the Saurus equipment list. Models using javelins do not suffer penalties for range or moving as they are perfectly balanced, knife throwing skill does not apply to mordhheim. Fight on brave Dragonfire, fight on. Cookies Monster Mash – Painting Contest.

These are made from the powerful bones of lizaardmen Stegadons. This power can be used only on rolls directly affecting the character including one dice of 2 d6 or 3 d6 rolls and including route tests. I love them, too. They’re expensive, but necessary. If the test is successful the shooter is no longer hidden. DragonfireApr 28, He may charge with this extra move.

Mordheim Lizardmen – Album on Imgur

Your warband must include 1 Scar-Veteran. My first game I saved all my heroes, won the game, and raided the Wizard’s Tower and got a ton of loot. The warrior is immune to Psychology. No, create an account now. Hopefully the game sells well enough to merit expansions!


Skinks are swift and agile, they lack the brutal power of Saurus, but they are more intelligent and they can be deadly with missile weapons. The needles fired by a blowpipe count as always being coated in black lotus if you roll a 6 to hit, the target is wounded automatically. The best warrior of a spawning of Saurus is called the spawning champion.

Chameleon Skinks are a subspecies of Skink that distinguishes them from other Skinks.

We want Lizardmen. :: Mordheim: City of the Damned General Discussion

I was using my Seraphon models for Mordheim figures but I didn’t have a diverse allotment of heroes to properly portray them, but thanks to the mighty wonder of Ebay and several very lucky finds I now have my minis and can begin putting them together!

Like Witch hunters and Undead! Only a single model may be affected by the blessing at any given time.

The maximum number of warriors in the warband is Dragonfire and Bowser like this.