Digital Plus Modules – Reverse Loop – Lenz – LK Lenz Elektronik GmbH RailCom Address Display — (Use Only w/Gold Decoders, and RailCom. The polarity of the reversing loop is controlled by a Lenz LK reverse loop module & up until now has worked perfectly. I have recently split. Offered in Catawiki’s Model Train H0 Auction (DC): Lenz H0, N, Z – LK + LK – Attachments – 2 Loop loop modules for DCC system.

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This is what I know so far: Have any of you guys tried using one of these with a Digitrax system. Thanks, Edited by – R.

Railroad Line Forums – LENZ LK Reverse Loop Module

But if lk00 a Digitrax users, why not get their reverser? I had a Zypher myself, but sent it back to get a Lenz Set Train of Thought Railroad Forums http: I rather use a Digitrax booster than one of their “reversers”. I currently have one booster doing the reversing duties and it works fine. Lemz was doing a little more research on the LK and discovered that it is a 2.


As far as you exchanging your Zephyr for a 90, that’s your prerogative. I don’t care for the entry level systems. I was disappointed to find that is is relay based, like the MRC which I am using currently.

But it is somewhat adjustable. It looks like a better quality, higher capacity version of the MRC to me. Please post any additional info that you have come across or an alternative if you’ve found one.

I think it’s great, never given me any problems, extremely easy to install, ldnz handle 5 amps, doesn’t need power supply, isn’t relay based, and comes with Tony’s great customer support.

I know this comment isn’t about the Lenz, which is what you asked about, but I think its a very good alternative. I haven’t used any other reversers, so can’t comment abut that. Good luck, Bill Country: Haven’t wired it, but Loys web site as a 16 page information sheet taht can be down loaded. Better model railroader than a speller.


Reversing Loop Problem

If you think they are then you need to read a little more on them to educate yourself on the competition. I would like a little input on this little guy.

Edited by – R. In the Lenz catalog it sayes 3.

I don’t care for the Digitrax reverser. Bob, Everything I’ve found about the LK indicates that it has a 5 amp capacity, including Tony’s comparison. Sorry, about the spelling. I don’t like entry level systems. Steam was generated in 0.