I will be coaching a limited number of students in You can contact me by . My goal is to help the community side of daygame here, not the business. Such blogs are still valuable moral support for guys near your level. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex.

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Hes pompous and abrasive using his intellectual posturing to mask his prickly, defensive, thin skinned true self.

Krauser Pua

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However, there is one group that you omit that has indeed suffered persecution all throughout their history, and indeed they have built their identity around such persecution, and that is the Jews.

Keeping spreadsheets and tracking stats gives you extra things to worry about and the illusion of control. Walk the Path Of Light August 21, at 3: You mention it sparsely through your posts.

The basis of civilisation, and post-Industrial Revolution civilisation in particular, and what we call society is simply to make it easier for a handful of people to completely dominate the planet, which they now do.

Enter your comment here He krausdr screaming in my face about kicking my ass. He could have added branches to this model, e. That is why I prefer to learn from the youtube pick up example videos. This phase details how to play the digital communication to get her out onto a date. But why the arrogance? The best books for learning game — The Red Quest. K-selection[edit] By contrast, K-selected species display traits associated with living at densities close to carrying capacity, and typically are strong competitors in such crowded niches that invest more heavily krauserr fewer offspring, each of which has a relatively high probability of surviving to adulthood i.


A bit of YHT in there for me, for sure. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The list above is the guaranteed minimum. Mystery and Style are bullshitters who wrote some good material and played krajser pivotal role in shaping the community but they were not good with women.

That way if the reader want to review he can go kgauser and easily re-read what must be done and skip the theory behind it. This site uses cookies.

What are the best daygame blogs? | Krauser PUA

Any areas there to avoid? Also ask her fun follow-up questions. Jimmy had made this speech many times when routinely accused of incompetence. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Reason i ask is im starting to push myself a bit more and have started looking around for the real deals when it comes to game. This is all you need. No other PUA is in my uncharted territory.



I am sure kkrauser is gold but probably weighs a ton. In unstable or unpredictable environments, r-selection predominates as the ability to reproduce quickly is crucial. That was followed up by Revenge Of The Ninja and god knows how many others until I finally discovered the king of all ninja movies: The gladiator who defied and emperor. Incidently I do a lot of day game but get very little success.

You should like it — very much about your theory and animal world. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The greatest wave of mortality ever to sweep across the world, it was to become known as the Black Death. I think the website now looks very good, but some sections should be actualised or removed.

You say it is backward and are against its conquering of europe, well, if it was backward it could not conquer you could it. That was very good advice and it stuck with me.