Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3 – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3. Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words() – hello, your order is download magic product, send via email please tell me your email address if you . “Kenton, I am interested, after reading a good number of your works and others of similar style (?); where/how did you start learning about.

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Jun 27, A card is chosen and the corner is torn and given to a spectator to hold. Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen!

Did we mention the ability to look at a spectator and KNOW if they would “play along” or be overly skeptical? Trance This by Kenton Knepper – Book “Since Wonder Words and other Kentonism material many performers have made names for themselves in part by using seeming trance states.

Magic Tricks

IMHO, I didn’t care for the effects myself but I think that the information on the tapes was useful in helping me make my magic better. One needs to listen to and have all three. Infallible is a sure fire winner and an effect you can and will perform in every situation.

But that can go as “Why didn’t I think of that? This kentn crystal is held and seen to glow with bursts of lights suddenly. Four brightly colored shells wnder examined. Here are some highlights: You can find the newest revised set fo Wonder Words on CD, at: This has become an oft-referenced classic.

Time Kneppeer finally made it’s way into Wonder Wor. Cards of Influence by Kenton Knepper and Mark Townsend PDF Instant Download “This book is a shining gem of a collection featuring supremely practical effects and marvelous examples of rock solid, real-work scripting.


Honest, direct, with readings from psychological to psychic, for the psychic, mentalist or magician, this one blows all other systems off the map. Dunniger’s Delight by Kenton Knepper – DVD A feature in Kenton’s stand-up and stage shows, it has also been performed on television and in intimate settings. Many detractors have dismissed Knepper’s use of NLP for various reasons including that they believe it doesn’t work, that Kenton has simplified 33, or that his work isn’t original.

Infallible by Mark Elsdon [S] – $ : Promotion

Jun 17, I tell students to study by reading as many psychology books as possible, buy actual textbooks on psychology, and read the first four or five works by Bandler and Grinder when it comes to NLP…but there is a big BUT in the latter. NLP is however not all there is to suggestion, influence, illusion or creations of reality. Picture your audiences’ amazement when they really can not explain the trick because the magic is done with words, not sleights or props.

Literally overnight you will get spectators to close their eyes, levitate their arm, see imaginary balloons and all manner of t. No stooges or other sneaky set ups either. A deck is spread face down between the hands, and then. The time and effort required to thoroughly understand this information much less apply it to ones performance, I believe, will simply be more than many people will be willing to give.

Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3 – Free Download PDF

In fact, this might be how the wordss really works! For those of you who prefer the more traditional style of prediction, you can have a prediction in an envelope, written on the back of your business card or even sent to them in advance! Did we mention the ability to look at a spectator and KNOW if they would “play along” or be overly skeptical?

If you wondfr understand why you need to get and use this, then you have no business being a mentalist.


This alone can expand the series into the equivalent of another several volumes. The End by Rick. No one should buy Wonder Words for the tricks. The information can definitely be gotten from books on NLP at a much better price. The effects are an added bonus but the true value is in the principles and the application of thinking. Jun 18, You not only begin to describe this event, you reveal the time – which now shows on his watch!

A better intro is ‘Miracles of Suggestion’ which explains one facet of Wonder Words and is quite palatable for the beginner. With “Mind Reading” you wil. I beg of you not to blindly believe or follow others without critical thought. Whether you’re a magician or mentalist, Kentons’ secrets will radically alter your work and the reaction to it.

It is rare for Kenton to do so, unless the effect and method deserves special acknowledgement and treatment. I’d be hesitant to recommend them because of the cost without knowing more about what kind of magician you are, your style, etc. I was especially impressed with. Imagine being able to get a spectator to scream, just by saying a few seemingly harmless words. He is a Wizard.

If you have Volume One you already know how important this series is to your performances. This is directly from Kenton’s act. Volume Two — The Real Work offers equally simple techniques that achieve even more startling results.

We simply cannot say enough about it, or what it will do for you. The spectator cuts to one card – and this is the card predicted in advance.