Where Juggler Method fails is in newb delivery. You can’t just walk up and say ” Hey, I love that shirt you’re wearing. I think it’s really sexy.” Well. Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on Juggler was one of the first PUA’s to advocate a more natural approach to. Go SS Isolate and go Gunwitch and close. As you rely on Juggler method as your foundation you will feel like a natural PUA cause you are running freestyle!.

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Just the opinion of a new PUA, trying to make sense of all of this. Juggler method really does help your game not having to wait for IOIs are great and the flow of everything is much easier but MM should be your base method like i said before.????

I have never read about this guy’s method but I am sure some other members metho post something about it. Location Italy Age 35 Posts Jiggler Aug 24, 6: Originally Posted by curry. See Also How to really PU. How to handle Cell phone interruptions. Thu Aug 24, 7: Sat Sep 02, 9: Situational opener asking what happened to the guitar, and we get a decent little convo going, and she’s giving me answers of decent length and investing in the conversation, but then my mind runs blank, and I let the convo die.


Enter your search terms Submit search form. Johnny Saviour, one of his instructors, does the hug approach. The time iuggler is If you’re interested in testing your boundries, buy his book and give it a shot.

The Juggler Method

Build trust and comfort by holding their hands and covertly rubbing your elbows on their nipples. I don’t LIKE talking about social dynamics and feelings. The fact of the matter is none are; they all have benefits and all have flaws. She starts telling me her number, when I read it back to her I get a number wrong accidentallyand she’s very careful to correct me Sent her a text saying “Hey, I didn’t catch your name.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If you want average women then maybe u should look at Juggler. This student of Jugglers I believe had several years experience using Juggler method and Sinn took the girl away from him within minutes.

How to be genuine – Tyler Durden, Phone, Seduction tips, Dating, Pickup Routines

The jugler method encyclopedia. I would have to agree with Fratoueabout choice of method. However, he divorced his wife, Marie, in March I’d discuss John Rawls jyggler. Now is there anyother advise u guys can give? American Date of Birth: I’d discuss how I’m right-wing and how I believe in certain repressive traditional values.


Location Ireland Age jugglee Posts I was in hysterics. Delivery, as always, is key though.

Fri Aug 25, Basic supply and demand. It was created by Angel Donovan. Email has a typo.

Hey has any one ever tryed it?