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Find the most up-to-date version of JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD. JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider.

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Being aqueous, this white primer is advantageous for the reduction of volatile organic compounds VOCs. In case when measuring a lightness 872 an actual sintered body, pieces of paper of standard colors of lightnesses of N 0 – N 10 are compared with the s color of the sintered body to determine the lightness of jjis sintered body.

Examples of the polymerizable vinyl monomers other than polymerizable epoxy-containing monomers are meth acrylic acid alkyl ester, acrylonitrile, styrene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and the like. Although metal powders or metal fibers have high electrical conductivity, the quantity thereof required is large, decreasing the whiteness of the coating film or the stability of the coating composition, because the particles need to be in contact with one another in order to form electrically conductive paths through the coating film.

The fractured surface of the crystal grain boundary of the tested specimen was observed by a survey type electron microscope, and a photograph of the fractured surface taken by the electron microscope was image analyzed to determine average particle diameter and number of the crystal grain boundary. In addition, the lightness of the multilayer coating film thus produced is not satisfactory.

Aluminum nitride sintered zz and members for semiconductor-producing apparatuses.

マンセル表色系の色見本 –

Among these attributes, lightness is a measure of the attribute of the sense of sight for judging whether a reflectance of a substance surface is large or small. In addition, the polyester resin can be modified with monobasic acids, higher fatty acids, oil components, etc. Any known coating composition for a clear coat can be used as the thermosetting clear coating composition C of the invention.

The amount thereof required is large, resulting in an unstable coating composition or involving high cost. It is considered that, because the sintered body obtained at this condition shows a further development of the crystal grains, the lightness became a little larger as compared with Example 2.

The clear colored coating composition B provides high transparency to enable observation of the coating film of aqueous white primer A beneath the clear colored coating film. If necessary, these plastic substrates can be subjected to pretreatments such as degreasing, washing with water, etc.


US7150899B2 – Method for forming coating film on plastic substrate – Google Patents

Table 5 shows the test results of aqueous white primer in Comparative Examples 1 to 6. Examples of the conductive fillers are particles of electrically conductive metal oxides such as tin oxide, antimony tin oxide ATOindium tin oxide ITOfluorine-doped tin oxide FTOphosphorus-doped tin oxide, zinc antimonate, indium-doped zinc oxide, ruthenium oxide, rhenium oxide, silver oxide, nickel oxide, copper oxide and the like.

Following the procedure of Production Examples 4, the components shown in Table 1 were mixed, giving aqueous white primers No. Kind code of ref document: Comparative Examples 2—6 The same steps as in Comparative Example 1 were followed except for the changes shown in Table 4 below, giving multilayer coating films. Therefore, in order to his aluminum nitride sintered bodies black, a suitable metal element is added to the raw material powder and the added iis material powder is fired to produce black aluminum nitride sintered bodies refer to Japanese Patent Publication No.

In some cases, a susceptor is provided on the ceramic heater and a semiconductor wafer is mounted on the susceptor when heating the semiconductor wafer. As the raw material, the powder of a high purity aluminum nitride prepared by the above described reduction nitriding method not containing yttria was used, and the raw material powder was monoaxially pressed to form preliminarily shaped bodies, which were then hot press fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. The graft polymerization of the chlorinated polyolefin with the monomer can be carried out by a method known per se.

Usable pigment components other than coloring pigments include metallic pigments, mica pigments, extender pigments and the like. The sintered body obtained by this condition showed an excessively progressed firing as compared with Example 3 and hence an increased lightness.

The method for forming a coating film nis to the present invention comprises the following steps 1 to Moreover, the inventors have found out that, if the powder of aluminum nitride is sintered in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, an aluminum nitride sintered body of a high blackness can easily be produced.

Method of evaluating color of mat rush with a spectrophotometer [1999]

Therefore, in case of the powder of aluminum nitride containing yttria, the sintered bodies did not show a change in relative density regardless whether the powder was prepared by direct nitriding method or reduction nitriding method. Based on these novel findings, the present inventors carried 872 further research and accomplished the present invention.

Fine powder of aluminum nitride, composition and sintered body thereof and processes for their production. The infrared radiation beams emitted from the infrared radiation lamps were directly or after reflected from the reflection plate passed through a round quartz window of a diameter of mm and a thickness of 5 mm arranged in the vacuum chamber, jus to the aluminum nitride plate to heat the plate.


In order to improve coating film performance such as water resistance etc.

However, aluminum nitride sintered bodies per se generally assumes white jos gray white color, so that they are inferior in heat radiation property. The powder was then monoaxially press formed to prepare preliminarily shaped bodies which were then hot press fired in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Multilayer coating films No. Electroconductive coating composition and method for electrostatic coating of plastic substrate. Year of fee payment: Examples thereof are methods such as air blowing, infrared heating, far-infrared heating, induction heating, dielectric heating and so on. The inventors have studied on the reason why the sintered body abruptly assumes black color by raising the relative density of the aluminum nitride sintered body to a very high value of at least It is considered that the lightness of the sintered body was increased for the sake of the development of the crystal grains.

Examples of nis polymerizable monomers used for graft polymerization include meth acrylic acid alkyl esters, meth acrylic acid alkoxy alkyl esters, glycidyl meth acrylate, adducts of glycidyl meth acrylate and monocarboxylic acids, hydroxyalkyl meth acrylates, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, and so on.

Siliceous nitride sintered compact having high thermal conductivity, its production and insulating base made of siliceous nitride sintered compact.

Preferably, the crystal grains constituting the aluminum nitride sintered body have an average particle diameter of at least 0.

EPA1 – Aluminum nitride sinter and production method therefor – Google Patents

As the raw material powder, a powder of a high purity aluminum nitride not containing yttria prepared by the above described reduction nitriding method, was used. Plastic Kis There are no restrictions on the plastic substrate to be used in the present invention.

The results of these measurements are shown in Table 5. Subsequently, the number of remaining squares was counted to evaluate the coating film according to the following criterion.