The Imagick extension can be compiled directly into PHP or as a shared library. but the purpose of this tutorial, the exception getMessage() method provides. ImageMagick is not merely an image viewer—it offers a large number of utilities and options for image editing. This tutorial will explain more. This document is an introductory tutorial to the free-software Magick++ C++ ImageMagick is a free software package used for image manipulation, and it is.

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Following this, the Imagick:: You are welcome to look at it, learn, and make comments on it.

PHP Imagick by Example

Should one of these be omitted, as in the above example, the aspect ratio of the original image is maintained. I created it indue to the lack of good, clean iconic images for use on the X Window System. PHP Imagick omagick Example. Because of this, you usually don’t need to download any ‘test’ images in order to try out the examples yourself.

Other examples were grabbed or developed from answers to users’ questions on he IM Forumsor contributed to me as solutions to various problems. Reference Index Quick index for specific options.

PHP Tutorial – ImageMagick – Create, edit and compose bitmap images using ImageMagick

Finally, the image is destroyed with the Imagick:: Image Comparing Comparing two or more images. The image above has been created with a watermark. If you are using an earlier version of IM.

Some specific images, and larger images, are contributed by the authors of specific examples. To this end, Imagick provides the Imagick:: But it is also a library of image processing algorithms.

PHP Imagick by Example

When using an API, only permanent and semi-permanent images need be saved to disk. Now that a file that exists has been specified, no exception is thrown, and the script is allowed to continue execution. Simply specify the image format you wish with the Imagick:: Image conversion from one format to another with Imagick is easy. Lens Correction Correcting photo distortions.


Speed was never a major feature of IM, which places more emphasis on tutoriql quality of the images it generates. Tutorial – a set of more advanced examples that show how some complex effects can be achieved with Imagick.

As with all image applications, the type of file that is being read into the object must be an image and the application needs to be sure that the file it is receiving is of a supported format.

Of course, showing system messages from exceptions is poor form, and better exception handling can be provided with a custom exception class, or simpler error messages for users, but the purpose of tutorail tutorial, the exception getMessage method provides good feedback whilst developing. I recommend trying things out on the command line first, until you get them right, and then converting the operations to imaglck specific API you are using.

The advent of the WWW has of course changed this, but my original library still exists and remains available as a source of images, even though it is not actively growing. The ImageMagick library supports over image types. Image Transformations Drastic changes to the look of an image.

The code reads the original image into the Imagick object, and a second object of type ImagickDraw is created to place on the blank canvas. The examples in these web pages, I hope, will answer most of the common “how-to” questions that iimagick.

But there ijagick more to life than a bare square canvas, lets see how we go with a circle. ImageMagick concerns itself mainly with images in the form of a rectangular array of pixelscommonly called a “raster.


By looping over a string of text, and assigning each as a new image object, an internal array of images can be created, and output as tutorlal animated gif.

Normally, the command would output the results to your display, not onto a Web page like this.

All of the source code for this site is available on Githubwith most of the examples split by category ImagickImagickDrawImagickPixelImagickPixelIterator and tutorials. Support Scripts Shell scripts used by examples. The code for the more complicated examples has it’s source in the controller If you find any issues with this site, or if you find any example missing, or think something needs covering in more detail, please raise it as an issue on Github.

Often, the same questions of ” How do I If you find any issues with this site, or if you find any example missing, or think something needs covering in more detail, please raise it as an issue on Github. Whether they are created dynamically on-the-fly, or written to the file system, the Imagick extension makes short work of the task.

The examples should work perhaps with some changes to image size with any appropriate font you have available on your system. But be warned, not all browsers understand all image formats used. The animation above gives an example of what sort of flexibility the Imagick package has.

Microsoft “Arial” font, or even “Times-BoldItalic”, should work on most systems. Thanks to Mikko Koppanen, author of the Imagick extension, for pointers, and code corrections along the way. To see what fonts are currently available to your version of IM, run the following command