Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. HP B Synthesizer Function Generator. Service Manual. Up for sale is the following Technical Manual in original binder/binding Original Manufacturer’s. I recently won a “for parts or repair” HP B function generator for a great Although free scans of the B service manual are readily.

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In normal operation, the sigiial at the collector of Q should be essentially the same as the signal at the junction of R and R Voltage at A3U18 pin 6 should be high.


Use the Test Signal Flow Diagram to help you determine the order to check the signatures. Front Panel Special Functions. Table panel in a standard i shows the voltage ranges, both with and without dc offset Voltage amplifier in c and the relays and attenuation factors involved.

Voltage Controlled Oscillator Troubleshooting. Same as pressing Shift, Self Test. However, servicce the loop is not locked, this voltage will vary. The volt- age at one of these pins may be at approximately -i- 13V, and the other at a negative voltage. This voltage should always be close to OV.


HP B OPERATING, INSTALL & SERVICE MANUALS 3-Volumes / Good Schematics | eBay

This information is used by the processor in setting the correct reference level for the output Level Comparator. The integrator output is illustrated in Figure The power stage should still operate if they are removed.

Approximately 14 milliseconds are required for a complete scan of the Keyboard and Display. The Sync signal then is passed through buffer circuits to the front panel. Enable Signals for Function Switching DBS and Hpp should be low, all others should be high. The reading should be -I- If not, check input and clock signals to U28 and U Option High Stability Frequency Reference How does the HP B generate a given frequency?

Troubleshooting Information I The spectrum analyzer should display the high level odd harmonics and low level even harmonics of the 10 MHz square wave.

If fail codes through occur, the calibration constants were not reset to their default values. Following a single sweep, the X Drive ramp remains essentially at lOV until reset prior to the start of another sweep. Manula Relays and Pads.


If this signal is not correct, go to Service Group G. Set the frequency to 5 lOOHz.

3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator

This signal then goes to the Function circuits Paragraph H the signal output through the 10 Vp-p pad and thermal converter to the digital volt- meter see Figure a. Input power for these supplies is provided from a separate winding on the instrument power transformer; consequently, these supplies are on at any time ac power is connected to the instrument.

Checks processor, address bus, and address decoding. Power Line Voltage Selection Explanation of the HP B frequency synthesis begins with Paragraph Signature Analysis does have its limitations. When the current source turns off, the integrator voltage is sam- pled and held.