Stay up-to-date on all the latest earthbag news by following our >Natural Building Blog. East side of earthbag roundhouse. Note finished. Our 18′ earthbag roundhouse cost $2, several years ago. It used local wood poles and roof thatch to cut costs. We could have reduced the. How To Build an Earthbag Roundhouse Owen Geiger Building with earthbags or sandbags, depending on where you are from is both old and new. Sandbags.

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. It used local wood poles and roof thatch to cut costs. We could have reduced the cost some, but we wanted modern plumbing and electric, and some nice features.

Of course the cost could be much higher if you start buying lots of stuff. Remember, even local materials have hidden costs like gas and truck maintenance to gather hlw.

Also, your time is worth something. Exciting but a little scary while I plan the roof structure. That type of roof is a good choice.


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Simple is good because roofs can be complex and expensive. The image must first be published on the Internet somewhere. The more I research alternative building materials, the more I gravitate toward earthbags. I think making our own cellulose insulation for the cost of an old cement mixer on craigslist, borax, and the time it takes to raid a newspaper trailer can roundhpuse keep the cost down to something comfy.

It really is all about how much thought and gruntwork you put into a project.

How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse

And good windows,if your project needs windows. Shredded newspapers with borax will work for certain applications. You could use them on top of gravel bags to wrap around a post and beam structure. Like we always recommend, start with a tool shed or something small to test new ideas. Provide wide roof overhangs to protect the walls. I was thinking using the shredded newspaper as spray on interior insulation, using studs to hold a recycled wood basketball court wall to make it easier to not only insulate, but to run and fix both the electrical and plumbing.


You can rent the insulation spreaders from Home Depot. Next year will be the year of earthbag experimentation. Tto that works, we rebuild the shed hurricane Sandy threw around.

By that time, we should be able to convince others to help us get this party started! Just keep reading our websites. There are now thousands of pages of free information on this blog and our other sites.

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