Al Hisnul Hasin is a compilation of the simplification of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) written by the well known Scholars of Hadith, Allamma ibn Al-Jazri (RA). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Al-Hisn Al-Haseen: Complete Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Al-Jazri Translation & Commentary By Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi English.

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I did not enhlish the opportunity to go through the book completely. Peace be upon us and the righteous servants of Allah. Significance of the above: The same should be done to the son-in-law with another cup of water, reciting the same Dua and blowing in it. When Closing Business for the Day The task will soon be accomplished insha-Ailah. Humbled before You are my hearing, my sight, my marrow, my bones and my sinews.

Al-Hisnul Hasin (English) – Hathurasni Mi Rafeeq Al Jazri – Google Books

When Bitten by a Snake uasin Stung by a Scorpion J’ S3 There is no strength to avoid evil and no power to do good ex- cept with the help of Allah. O Allah, we ask of You, during this journey, virtue, piety and actions that please You.

Begin from the right hand corner white facing the Qiblah. Do not require us to bear a burden which is beyond our power, overlook our sins, grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us; You are our Master so help us overcome the unbelieving people.


Al-Hisnul Hasin – ( English/Arabic ) – (HB)

I beg of Engllsh peace. All this may be done after Fajr or Esha Saldah. Anyone wishing to be honoured by the Ulama and pious people should continue reciting this Name of Allah until he falls asleep.

Dua when Breaking Fast Reading it 10 times in hiwnul presence of an oppressor will safe- guard the reader from his oppression. Glory be to Allah.

Barakah and self-sufficiency will be given to a person who reads this Beautiful Name 70 times daily.

Chapters list

Relief will soon be found and peace and contentment will be experienced in the heart ins ha- A Hah. Anyone who has contracted a fatal disease such as smallpox, leprosy etc. Purity belongs to my Sustainer, The Exalted.

I have turned towards You for judgement and You are our Lord and to You is our ultimate return. Come towards your goal! And peace be on engliish Apostles; and all praise is due to Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds. She brought it in a wooden cup. Rasooluilah Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam took a sip and returned it in the container. When Someone Confers a Favour When he would sit up, he would recite the last 10 verses of Surah Aale-Imraan or only 1 verse.


And glorify His greatness. O Allah, our Lord and the Lord of all things, l bear witness that all Your bondsmen are brethren among them- selves.

Anyone who recites this Name of Allah daily and keeps a written copy of it with him, Allah will protect him against all hazards, losses and harmful things insha- AUah. Proceeding for Fajr Salaah 87 Allah, the Lord of the universe is Pure. Baqarah, Aale-lmraan, Hiznul Haa. The reciter of this Beautiful Name will be graced with honour and respect insha-Allah. You know all and l know not.

For the familiarity of the Quraish their familiarity with jour- neys in winter and summer, let them worship the Lord of this House hlsnul provides them with food against hunger and with security against fear of any danger. Condolence of Sayyidona Khidr AS Then he passed his hands across his blessed face.

I seek Your protection from indolence and evil old age and from the ordeals of the world and chastisement of the grave.