Editorial Reviews. Review. R.A. Salvatore’s prelude to the Demon Wars Sagas The Highwayman is a stimulating ride into the early history of. Best-selling author R. A. Salvatore takes us back to his fantasy world of Corona, introducing a fascinating new hero destined to become a legend. Saga of the First King. 1: The Highwayman. by R.A. Salvatore. 16 Review(s). Release Date: Aug 1, Approximate Running Time: 8 Hours. Number of CDs.

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The Sundering 1 5. Saga of the First King 4 books.

The Highwayman (novel) – Wikipedia

Life in Emond’s Field has been zalvatore boring for Rand Al’Thor and his friends until a strange young woman arrives in their village. More about RA Salvatore As an author, Salvatore consistently salvaatore quality stories that are fun reads salvtaore engaging plots. With his newfound physical prowess and in the guise of the Highwayman, he takes on the goblins, powries, and tax collectors that plague Pryd Holding. The Highwayman 1 walvatore Dec 21, Looking for beautiful books?

However, something inspired me to give it another chance – I finished it and am now about halfway through book 2 in this series. I would only recommend it to adults though. Good old sword buckling fantasy with superheroes highaayman, dwarves and magic.

But times have changes, and now the races once again fight each other – an As a fantasy story it is not a run of the mill quest or war epic, and therefore I’d encourage fantasy readers to pick up Highwayman since it is refreshing. Yet another disappointing book from Salvatore. Onward to The Dame the third book in the series, I may look into reading the Demon War Saga later since they’re based in the same world.

And since I had read this first book in the series many years ago but never picked up the rest of them, I believed it would be a good option in case I didn’t enjoy the experience. I love the idea of young cripple pushing past his weaknesses to stand back up on his feet, find not only personal redemption, and help those less fortunate. It was hard to put the book down.


Yeah, I’ll admit that the whole premise behind the Bransen character might seem a bit overcooked and juvenile–even for a fantas When Salvatore was pitching this book idea, I imagine his brainstorm chart began with the following question: Salvatore has written, and he created Drizzt Do-Urden. With help from saalvatore soul stone, the hematite, combined with his knowledge of The Highawyman of Jhest, Bransen overcomes his physically weak form by centering his chi, which greatly increases his mobility.

This book is mainly about the struggles of a physically malformed boy.

The Highwayman by RA Salvatore book review

Also complicating matters is slvatore Prince Prydae, the last of his line, suffers an injury in battle that leaves him impotent. Salvatore accomplished another wonderful story about the land of Corona. Two religions struggle fiercely for control.

King Henry still holds the crown, but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella, and there are many eager to flock to her This is the first book in a four books series, I’ve read the second book in the series already and wanted to continue to explore. Salvatore is a great world-builder. Salvatore Novels about orphans American novels. Some time later, after changing her name, Callen gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Cadayale.

The Highwayman by RA Salvatore

Salbatore large cast of voice actors and sound salvarore really made this an absorbing experience. Overall, not a very gripping story, and foregetable characters. I mistakenly thought this was related to the Crimson Shadow series. The rest sort of seems like a Robin Hood tale. I mean there’s a difference between “foreshadowing” and “giving the game away early” Still, it wasn’t one of his better novels and I doubt I’ll read the next in the series.


Another part of the book is about the war between two religions, the struggle between the poor and the ruler of the domain.

Milquetoast content at best. Review quote “[Salvatore] thrusts his avenger into a story pleasingly plump with action, adventure, danger, and, most admirably, great tenderness.

His love affair with fantasy, and with literature dalvatore general, began during his sophomore year of college when he was given a copy of J. That said, action, adventure, an excellent treatment of “rare and costly magic”, a compelling story line that kept me interested to the end Sem brincadeira, as cenas de combate do Bandoleiro me lembraram as cenas dos filmes do Bruce Lee, com a mesma energia!

Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in his heart. Articles lacking in-text citations from December All articles lacking in-text citations Pages to import images to Wikidata. Sep 18, Kristin’s rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t wait to pick up another audiobook from them, and I look forward to rereading The Highwayman again and again. Jul 20, Tasula rated it it was ok.

They are swash-buckling, rip-roaring adventure stories, with a decidedly unlikely hero, one who is profoundly crippled in his natural state. The story focuses mostly around a very special hero, Bransen, where fate hasn’t been kind on him, and his family, as it has trapped him in a place where he can not escape: The orphaned son of the Jhesta Tu mystic Sen Wi and the Abellican priest Brother Dynard, he eventually is able to move normally by learning to center his body to become the hero known as the Highwayman.

Other books in the series.