Summary of Hadith Rejecters’ Claims. 1. A) We, Quranists, do not make a distinction between obeying Allah and obeying His Messenger, Salla-Allahu alayhi wa. I’ve been watching this debate between brother Adnan Rasheed and a Hadith rejector which i found interesting. And it exposes the depths of. Does the one who rejects a saheeh hadith become a disbeliever? One of the brothers rejects some of the saheeh hadiths that are narrated in.

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This begs a question for us to ponder. These people use such statements only to cover themselves from their true identity.

The articles are a tiny little compilation from the massive library of scholarly work on the subject. Great speech by Br. Prophet Muhammed’s Wife Mariyah Maria. Answering the question “I do by: March 3, at 7: Thus rejecting the Hadith was a necessary rehectors in solidifying their stance.

Further, they have some funny disputes among themselves, when it comes to law enforcement. As a simple test, ask him what part of the compilation procedure has a loop hole.

Hadith Rejectors and the “Quran Only” Movement

The scholars mentioned the conditions of repentance. Or the Sunnah of earlier prophets haeith was anyways intended for their limited period? The quotes in red below are all from Shia Rafida website. No doubt one of the reasons the movement was accepted and perhaps promoted by the British.


Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejectors

March 5, at 2: It is like a warning on cigarette packs. Apart from that, even the authenticity of other Hadith collections and application of Hadiths can be verified by referring to works of other scholars.

Of course it does. It available at the link below: One cannot doubt the memorization of the narrators, because it is the same people through whom even the Quran came to us.

This is the pathetic state of these self-declared Aalims. Rejector mentions that the movement never enjoyed a large volume of followers. It is only after one contemplates their pain and efforts, will one understand its real value. Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejectors September 18, May Allah guide us, make us pious, chaste and give us satisfaction.

The Truth About Matth…. Among them are found the names of great traditionists such as ath-Thahabee, al-Mizzee, and others.

You must be logged in to reply to this topic. But now, we will be answering some of the arguments that Hadith rejecters usually come up with. And this has always been the case of people who deny the clear proofs.

Answering Hadith-Rejecters – Discover The Truth

Each had memorized over hadith word by word. It is only for reminding the people and bringing them to faith.

The correct Shahada according to Hadith-rejecters is below. I have really been unable to put the book down and just finished it today, going back on my notes now. Some are even more disgusting. Caught between the rock and a hard place, it seems that in the sincere attempt to explain why Muslims were overcome by colonialists was the emotional disdain for the colonizer and the colonized self.


If Hadith were written and passed right from the time of the prophet SASthen why do we refer collections of Hadith that were compiled after such a long time?

Reply to common arguments of Hadith Rejectors – Answering Hadeeth Rejectors

These answers to their arguments are only to show how false are their claims and how silly rejectorx those arguments, and how little is their knowledge on the subject of compilation and preservation of Hadith. But as for a person who has closed his heart already, instead of reflecting on the points made, he only comes up with silly arguments regarding various issues ranging from authenticity of Hadith to making claims that rejectrs Hadith classified as Saheeh contradict the Quran, etc, etc.

I will respond to all the Hadiths they cite as evidence and refute them one by one, God willing. If you take out the hadiths you are left with so many questions.