Günter Grass: Die Blechtrommel (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension von Dieter Wunderlich). Original print of the cover art of the Gunter Grass’ most famous work Die Blechtrommel. Signed by Gunter Grass on the bottom right hand. the art of Giinter Grass, who achieves balance through contrarities, through a juxtaposition The angular line of chronological narrative in Die Blechtrommel is .

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There are many other characters in vlechtrommel colorful, picaresque tale. I have to believe that Grass-the-author married his own childhood obsession with the mischeivous physically stunted Cupid with a tongue in cheek account of his own wartime experiences and yielded one of the greatest works of the twentieth century.

An aggressive indifference The clash between art and war is a constant theme: May 23, Whitaker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Das mag alles so sein und seine Richtigkeit haben. The Germans are shown as crass, vulgar and materialistic boobs while the Poles are portrayed as dim-witted yocals. But I don’t really care. Onion cellar club showed how having lived through war, people were so full of remorse, they were out of tears and needed to peel onions to be able to weep.

He’s also an excellent story teller. The synagogue was burned almost to the ground, and the firemen were making sure the fire didn’t spread to the surrounding buildings.

File:Guenter Grass, Die Blechtrommel jpg – Wikimedia Commons

But the trass was, the day of the bombing sucked because we had to wait outside in our show choir dresses in the rain because some kid called in a copycat bomb threat to our school the same day. During the war, Oskar joins a troupe of performing dwarfs who entertain the German troops at the front line. And here is how he deals with Kristallnacht, where Oskar is again searching for tin drums: Jan 24, Jr Bacdayan rated it really liked it. After the baptism, Oskar whispers to Satan who seems to be alive and well within him: Blechtrommfl hey, it’s just a theory.


Era uma vez uma vez uma mulher chamada Agnes que amava Jan e casou com Alfred. Ich bewerte daher die Teile einzeln: It was called blasphemous and pornographic by some, and legal action was taken against it and Grass. He commits multiple crimes, including many murders direct and indirectvandalism, theft, etc.

Of course he didn’t have only friends in Germany and elsewherebut many adversaries as well. Right at the I knew this book is good, but I had no idea it were that good. Oskar’s mother having died, Alfred marries Maria, a woman who is secretly Oskar’s first mistress. Grass prefers to give his reader the sunny version of history.

There are Oskar’s various loves, the full sized Maria who might be the father of Oskar’s presumed son, Kurt, a “chip off the old block”–a total brat who hits and punches his “dad” and the deceased Roswitha, another dwarf. View all 5 comments. His parents supply him with toy tin drums which he wears out with h Funny, Brechtian Story of a Murderous Dwarf who is a Genius Drummer This is a tough book to review. When there is firing going outside, Oskar spends his time playing cards inside.

Read it when you want some light-hearted fun.

File:Guenter Grass, Die Blechtrommel 1959.jpg

Gunter Grass is the only winner of the Nobel Prize able to speak Kaszub a weird Slavic language still spoken in the area of Danzig. She is married to Matzerath. It brass really difficult to sympathetic with this guy. Allerdings ist die Geschichte des Oskar Matzerath, der mit drei Jahren beschloss, das Wachsen einzustellen und die Welt zu betrommeln, gespickt von Metaphern, Symbolen und Synonymen.

Unbeknownst to the clueless adults around him who think he’s retarded, is born with the cognitive gmter of an adult. The main characters in each book are: However, almost nobody listens to him, so the catastrophe goes on Like Dickens, Grass seemed to have perfected each chapter separately with too much detail and wit, rather than trying to keep a natural flow which makes you go to next chapter as soon as you finish one. I read this book many years ago, but I am still thinking about it.


View all 6 comments. Aber diese ersten beiden Teile muss man gelesen haben. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: One of those books you read and remember them after years of reading masses of other books. An entire garss nation believed faithfully in Santa Claus. This is so much so that even episodes that deal directly with war events talk about them in an off-hand way. I don’t mean to say that the novel does not touch on or talk about World War II.

He wasn’t the journalist who show us the real face of war. In turn the Russians arrive and expel the Germans all of which Grass presents in relatively jolly terms.

Be it magical or real events Oskar is telling, you can’t help but like him. Ngter there he remembers his early childhood in Danzig through blechtro,mel late s right before The Tin Drum. Come fai a dargli meno di 4 stelle, ma che faticaccia! Once MC gtass in my mind couldn’t help grrass similarities – both narrators start their stories with first meeting of their maternal grandparents, both like talking about sex, both of them feel need to hide from world Oskar in grandmother’s skirts, Shinai in londery box etc.

Actually, Oskar wants to keep his relationship with Satan and not denounce it.