Introduction; Using dvips; Using enscript; Using psduplex; Examples The enscript command feeds to the standard output, psrev or psselect. enscript -o – | ps2pdf – Then run enscript on your file with the -P switch and the printer description PDF in this case. get_sign.c. /* * First KLEE tutorial: testing a small function */ int get_sign(int x) { if ( x == 0) return 0; if (x < 0) return -1; else return 1; } int main() { int a;.

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You can always edit your answer by clicking on edit right underneath the body of the answer.

This will convert myfile. The only answer here that handled my UTF8 text files without problems: For example, why is paps a better alternative? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It has a large number of options, including putting multiple pages on a physical page.

An example of using a2ps would help. The best solution for me was to use wkthmltopdf. The [switches] are optional settings, as follows:. While your post does answer the question, it’s always better to include more information.


ARCHIVED: Unix printing using enscript, dvips, and psduplex

To make a PostScript file of the text file myfile. This content has been archivedand is no longer maintained by Indiana University. In the following examples, replace printer with the network-connected PostScript printer of your choice e.

For example, to convert the DVI file myfile.

For more information about enscriptread its man page by entering:. It will work only with printers that support double-sided i.

The general format for enscript is:. This is document abbp in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Normally, outpuy rotation is done along the long side of the page. Pandoc is a must have swiss knife tool when it comes to conversion between various markup languages.

ARCHIVED: What is enscript, and how can I use it to print text files in PostScript?

Although the output of the dvips command can be redirected, its input cannot be taken from a pipe, but instead, must be redirected from a file. You can send the output of the dvips command to a file using the -o switch.

It seems to be not documented, but you can easily convert text files into PDF files by using this syntax:.


Post as a guest Name. The [switches] are optional settings, as follows:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. And if paps is not installed by default, what is the command to oytput it?

Replace textfilename with the name of the file you want to convert and print. What is enscript, and how can I use it to print text files in PostScript?

Enscript Output

About the Steel retirement. Following is information about the commands dvips which converts DVI files to PostScript and prints themenscript which converts text files to Postscript and prints themand psduplexwhich makes a file print on both sides of the page.

You can combine the -2 and -r options to produce 2up style documents, with two pages per sheet in landscape orientation. Ouutput modified on Options Help Chat with a consultant. For example, you could enter:. Compared to the other answers, pandoc plus texlive produces bad output not respecting newlinesand is overkill and confusing to boot.