@Keno – “Yes, heart of the problem is % “the changing of voltage” Right. So stop beating around the bush and tell us what the voltages. Hi, Elektor – I might call- circuit is not bad. Couple of minor modifications made here. Check this out. Item, Type, Manufacturer, Date. Elektor – July/August , Magazine, Elektor – November , Magazine, Unknown. Elektor – October , Magazine.

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Treasure trove of electronics information I first dipped my toes into electronics engineering via Elektor and I have profited greatly from 1892 over the years. A common issue is the thru hole lead inductance of cap and ground connections can cause phase shift and if not compensated properly will oscillate.

op amp – Precision Power Supply / Elektor, December, – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

And are you sure the – supply is properly isolated? Framan – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – September 9, Subject: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. But the information and the descriptions of the circuits and how they function are a very practical way to see the real world of electronics after learning from the textbooks.

But second one causes a problem on the output that couldn’t been solved yet.


I am surprised your Prof has not helped you isolate this trivial issue. Warning this will affect loop bandwidth and step load response time.

I am grateful if you can help as I used google to translate this message before. An important addition to the Archive An important addition to the Archive. You can show this on your thesis to demonstrate real world issues.

So stop beating around the bush and tell us what the voltages ARE. Be sure to comment on finding the defect.

Topics Elektor eletor, MagazineCollection. And if the voltages are changing, then isolate the section by removing the 3 base drive components R9, D4 and D5and find out why the is acting up.

Listen to what IgnacioVazquez-Abrams said too. How about contact of the heat sinks? Thus something is loading it.

Elektor Magazine – Spanish – 1982

Then the voltage changes slowly from 3V-5V. Glad your circuit works. Sign up using Email and Password. High ESR of electrolytic capacitors did you check this? T5 with higher gain ones and this caused instability to the circuit. Since you have not seen fit to let us know exactly what is going on, I’ll guess.

This old design uses external compensation for 2nd order effects which in closed loop Op Amps causes loss of phase margin and can cause oscillation is no margin. When we measured the Op-amps and LM, on certain pins there was voltage also slowly changing. EEsince’75 – For what it’s worth, I’m surprised as well. I found your data useful but not in the presented form, so I imported into a spreadsheet to align the results in two columns and then imported the images from the datasheet Eletor.


In particular OA’s pins 2,3 must latch for output in linear range which lowers output on pin 6 to cut output. Possible batch of fake LM? I made two of these PSU’s in one housing.

Me and my mentor professor did all kinds of measuring on the not-working PSU – elekgor connections, short circuit possibilities, voltage measurement on specified components and with oscilloscope too. Start elektr removing the diode from the current limit op amp. Since this PSU was published by Elektor I assume that some of you might heard or read about this project.

I saw through your measurements that some voltages are way out of the way All of these measurements were measured to the common GND of circuit in that part of circuit stabilizer stage.