Dove: Evolution of a Brand by John Deighton, however, is a paper that I am fond of because it gives me the opportunity to read about women in strong and. Dove: Evolution of a BrandBased on: March 25, Harvard Business School Case John Deighton Harvard Business School Publishing Sara Dea. The aim of this case study, written by John Deighton, is to highlight and explain the revolutionary brand evolution strategy at the basis of the extraordinary.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It has been developing globally during the years, creating several of the most successful brands of the world.

Its expansion allowed a geographical diversification but also brought some problems of controls; especially the brand portfolio had grown in an unstructured way and required a change of course.

As a logical consequence, its advertisements had always been centered in promoting the cited higher functionality, preferring natural-looking women rather than fashion model icon in order to communicate honesty and authenticity. Pursuing the best way to develop the proper image, the management had to slightly change the approach to the promotion. We will write a custom sample essay on Dove: The scientific research was no longer used to prove product functionality; but, it was the starting point of the new strategy: The misalignment generated frustration in women and, as a relevant consequence for Dove, negatively affected the sales of health and care products.

So, aware of women dissatisfaction, of their personality, of their need to feel beautiful and keeping in mind Dove internal goals, the management gave life to the revolutionary strategy and decided that Dove should have stood for a point of view. The management decided that natural-looking women would have had a key role in the campaign, but with a different responsibility: The campaign for Real Beauty was setup and ready to be implemented.


The Aim s of the campaign. And here the bgand purpose of the whole initiative became clearer. With the declared aim to develop the common values for the Masterbrand and to overcome the beauty-related mismatch, emerged from the scientific research, Dove started the campaign.

Then, inducing the community to a proactive involvement and to debate on such meaning, the company began in a certain sense the democratization process of the beauty. It remarkably increased its popularity and most important, allowed it to fvolution a huge number of potential clients: What made the campaign effective?

The combination of different elements made the design and the implementation of the campaign so successful.

Dove: Evolution of a Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The structure of the organization introduced by the Path to Growth strategy, which split the responsibility for each brand between two groups, the Brand Development, centralized and global in scope, and Brand Building, decentralized according to the regions in which Unilever was involved and responsible to bring the brand to life in each marketplace, substantially helped in defining a global mission.

And exactly this process is the feature that I consider the sharpest and the most effective of the whole strategy. Indeed Dove, proposing and supporting its unconventional point of view, with the aim to provoke discussion and debate, really made people feel part of revolution and, at the same time, outstandingly got the company closer to its potential clients. This aspect was part of a further successful feature of the strategy, the so-called Media planning, which was revolutionary and tailored as well.


It included the purchase of a Superbowl advertising space.

John A. Deighton – Faculty & Research – Harvard Business School

Critics, discussions and parodies rose in sequence, did nothing but increased the relevance of the campaign and amplified its range, exactly as planned by Dove. March 25,Dove: Evolution of a brand, Harvard Business school.

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Dove : evolution of a brand (Book, ) []

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