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Faculty of Technical Osnoge. Cranes 06 – M Students gain basic and advanced knowledge in the area of machines of interrupted transport, elevators and means of floor transport. Readiness for independent design work work and monitoring of exploitation of machines in this area.

Role and importance, parameters, configuration. Lift drive — grasping device, rope and chain, pulley tackle, drum.


Motion drive — wheel and rail, caterpillar, traction rope. Rotation Drive — rotation stand. Drive for leaning, telescoping, specific drives.

Dizalice: osnove – Radić Mijajlović – Google Books

Drive mechanism, braking system, control, regulation and automation. Construction — topology, load, calculation, regulations. Devices which limit movement, load, swinging of load, safety devices. Manual, serial, bridge, gantry, tower, arch, stacker, self-erecting and other types of cranes.

Means of floor transport. Exploitation, work safety and testing.

Modelling, simulation of crane operation in real life conditions. Commercial software for crane design.

Lectures, visits to crane users. The examination consists of writing and defence of osnpve individual paper and theoretical part of the examination which can also be taken in the form of partial examination.

Department of Mechanization and Design Engineering.