, DEI Direct Fax # · Download Now, 9/28/, 64 KB. and up Chrysler/dodge/Jeep Negtive 2nd Start/Acc wire Diagram Messages: 1, Gender: Male. Seattle, WA. Vehicle: Double Cab Off Road. OEM Running boards |oemassive headlights | winjet tail. responsibility resulting from an improper installation, even in reliance of this information. © Directed Electronics, Inc. Page 1 of 2. TechTips

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PJncDec 31, Update 16 October Sep 18, Member: Just need to find out if KBVoodoo programmed his kits to enable smart start or not.

Directechs | Designed by installers for installers.

The only question i have with that would be that the car would always see a “key in ignition” disabling the keyfob to lock and unlock the doors. I can’t get anywhere on the directfchs Do you already have an account? Oct 27, Member: Welcome to Tacoma World! No, create an account now. Also, has anyone figured out the loop antenna issue?

Remote Starter Booking |

Note – this is an add-on to a DBALL2 remote-start system and may work with other remote start devices. As an alternative, I suggest people look at the Fortin products. Plug and play is relative. Have seen it mentioned to be sure you log out after using it also.


The older units were not as good but the vsm and are no longer directional. Products Discussed in Entire Site Forum: I’m trying convince myself I need this. I’m trying convince myself I don’t need this. I haven’t even looked at the document yet, but the Nitro is easy So everything seems to be pretty much dirextechs n play. Male Seattle, WA Vehicle: I’m interested in the Apple Watch functionality.

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I do not know whether this affects the ability to setup a SmartStart ourselves, but my guess would be that if that is not yet disabled it will be soon.

Bakflip G2 – purchase directly or ebay? I really don’t trust that loop antenna.

DIY – SmartStart Installation with DBALL2 Remote Start

Mar 6, Member: I’ve got all the safety stuff done brake pedal, hood pin, etc. Male Garner, NC Vehicle: And do I just ground the keysense line to ground via an 8.

I’ll be happy to try to help, though understand I’m posting as I figure stuff out. And i need to implement the circuitry, but need to know how to include the keysense. And I now hate this thread. I need to find a way to put a thread on ignore. PJncJan 2, Any advice would ditectechs great. Discussion in ‘ 3rd Gen. You are currently viewing as a guest!


I’m pretty sure that the bypass isn’t working, and the keysense line too. They are also not allowing new user accounts which aren’t pre-associated with one of their dealers.

Mine also came with a two-wire harness with fuse holder, as it’s used 10884 some applications, but isn’t used in this application so I didn’t picture it. I also know the immobilizer isn’t working because of using the key minus the circuitry. Does anyone know how to hook up the keysense line? Pictures of what you got?

directfax document 1084

Hank HeelJan 2, Thank you so much in advance. For the keysense, do i literally just put in the 8. I will be following this for sure so that I can do this next after. ElGatoLocoDec 31, I can get the remote starter working with a key in the on position, but not with the key just in the ignition or the acc position. Good to know on the improvements on the. For those who put bigger tires on a Beasty SumoSprings?