Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Besides being a writer, JB Lynn is a compulsive reader, Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by [Lynn, JB] . THE HITWOMAN AND THE NEUROTIC WITNESS (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman Book 5) – Kindle edition by JB Lynn, Parisa Zolfaghari. Maggie Lee is not your average hitwoman. For one thing, she’s never killed anyone. For another, after hitting her head in the car accident that killed her sister .

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Bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee has discovered the s… More. Personally I thought this hiwoman the 2nd best Reacher book yet. Maggie survived fairly unscathed, but her sister and brother-in-law did not. Shelve The Hitwoman Hires a Manny. The Hitwoman Gets Lucky by J. A mob boss is insisting she liberate his daughter from a mental hospital that Maggie’s pretty sure she belongs in.

If only God would stop hounding her to apologize to her mother, Maggie would be pretty close to content with her life. Previously posted at PaperbackDolls. Lynn and her Hitwoman series are now definitely on my auto-buy list and keeper shelf.

Her mother’s escaped from the loony bin, and rumor has it she’s robbing people for ice cream money. Maggie is a likable character who is attempting to hold things together as best she can. When the mirrors get you all discombobulated and the floor starts buckling? Funny and sad at the same time. He took a shot at God too.


The Hitwoman in a Pickle

Her careful veneer of distance and control starts to slip as soon as she wakes up from a car accident and hears Alan Rickman’s voice emerge from her niece’s anole, but hearing animals talk turns out to be the least of her problems. Will this gamble pay off or will she lose her shirt, her heart or even her life? confessionss

With a little help from God not THE Goda killer cop and a psychic colleague Maggie just might be able to pay Katie’s hospital bills, if she can become a killer. First, the writing is a little choppy, particularly at the start. Maladroit hitwoman M… More. Veering from wildly funny to desperately sad, Confessions neutotic a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman is an entertaining dark comedy caper.

He delves out advice, loves watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, and has a voice that sounds like Professor Snape from Harry Potter. There is something going on between them but you can never quite put your finger on it.

I want to find out what Paul is up to and if Maggie’s and Susan’s feelings about Templeton are warranted. Hiteoman 16, Tracey Avequin rated it it was amazing. I hated to see it end but the author leaves it open at the end for the possibility of more books.

The slapstick and over the top plot was all background noise to Maggie’s transformation from a tense, controlled ball of anger to an open maelstrom of emotions.

Oh, and who sometimes talks to h I had low expectations for this book but it did manage to exceed them. Is he even really attracted to Confessoons Nonetheless, in terms of development of story and character development, her biggest influences include James Patterson and Stephen King. Paperbackpages. Delveccio is a twin. To ask other readers questions about Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwomanplease sign up.


Her background is messy and rife with tragedy so it’s no wonder Maggie is able to embrace the unconventional. Maggie Lee is not your neurltic hitwoman. What kind of trouble is Maggie in this time? Find out more about JB and her books at www.

I’ve gotta read more from her. On my kindle the book was a whopping pages, but I read about in just a few hours. Yes the lizard’s name is God. I’m hoping the author isn’t going to got therebut it was making me awful nervous. Take three wacky aunts, two talking animals, one… More. She and Katie were currently in a dead heat when it came to scintillating conversation.

Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman Series in Order – J.B. Lynn – FictionDB

I want the story to continue with Maggie and the talking lizard. When bumbling h… More. You’re a feisty one. Or will she just take up residence in a rubber room herself? Even hopes of her and Patrick.

Her father is in prison for bank robbery and murder of a teller, her mom is in the loony bin.