Ct Manual. Comtrend corporation CTT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comtrend corporation CTT User Manual. AC-IG User. CT ADSL2+ Wireless Router User Manual Version A, September 11, Preface This manual provides information related to the. Comtrend CTT Router. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Comtrend CTT Router. Couldn’t find the manual that.

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A maximum of 32 entries can be configured. Select the interface from the list. Double-click the Wireless Network Connection icon from the Network Connections window or the system tray to confirm the new connection.

Connect the power adapter to the power port.

If the device fails to power up, or it malfunctions, first verify that the power cords are connected securely. Enter the ending external port number when you select Custom Server. Then click the Add button.

Comtrend Corporation CT-5361 User Manual

Allows you to configure the event level and filter out unwanted events below this level. For example, near a bathtub, kitchen sink or laundry tub, or near a swimming pool. The Restore Default function has the manula effect as the reset button. You will need to login again. Indicates that the Ethernet interface on your computer is connected to the LAN port of this device. The NAT submenu will display after the next reboot.

Select the required server. NAT and firewall are disabled when this option is selected. A maximum of 60 MAC addresses can be added. Enter the subnet mask for the source IP address. Avoid using a telephone other than a cordless type during an electrical storm.

  DIN 4543-1 PDF

Review the descriptions below for more details. WEP is a set of security services used to protect See below for instructions. By setting up one or more filters, particular packet types coming from the WAN can be Accepted. It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Comtrend CT Default Router Login and Password

Page 2 The reader reading this manual is presumed to have a basic understanding of telecommunications. Therefore, if this test fails but you are still able to access the Internet, there is no need to troubleshoot this issue. When a service is selected, the port ranges are automatically configured.

These statistics refresh every 15 seconds.

Comtrend CT-5361T Router

To add a port-mapping group, click the Add button. The default setting of system log is disabled. Click Start to start the test or Close.

Indicates that the device was unable to communicate with the first entry point on the network. When a Routing interface is created, Enable Firewall must be checked. The router is powered down. The settings for WPA authentication are shown below.

You may be subject to penalties or sanctions under the law. Packets having a destination port equal to this value or falling within the range of port numbers portX: Enter a previously saved configuration backup file in the Settings File Name field and click the Update Settings button to load it. CT Full size picture as. Click the Save button to save the new configuration. If the setup-box was connected with manua, “eth0. comrrend


To safeguard the equipment against overheating, make sure that all openings in the unit that offer exposure to air are not blocked. Lists those devices with authorized access.

For help with other tests click on the Help link next to each test condition. Click Next to continue.

When the checkbox is ticked, you need to enter the inactivity timeout period. By enabling this feature, wireless clients associated with the Access Point can be linked. Turning protection Off will maximize IP Precedence Select between Short preamble is intended for applications where maximum throughput is desired but it does comtrned work with legacy equipment.

Each key contains a bit header an initiation vector which cpmtrend parallel decoding of multiple streams of encrypted data. The default is 1. The individual tests are listed below. Each country listed below enforces specific regulations limiting channel range: Selecting Disabled in Bridge Restrict disables wireless bridge restriction, which means that any wireless bridge will be granted access.

To delete a filter, select it from the table comtredn and click the Remove button. Packets having a destination port equal to this value or falling within the range of port numbers portX: