Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Pentium IV computer or better hardware, with suitable graphics facility – 30 No. Synthesis of ceramic powders Preparation of ceramic powders — Alumina, Zirconia, Perovskites and spinels – solid state reaction — solution processes – sol gel processing — combustion synthesis technology- vapourphase reactions Unit III.

Unit — III Research design and data analysis Research design – qualitative and quantitative research — sources of data — data collection procedures — measurement strategies — content analysis — literature engineeding — information databases — statistical techniques — evaluation — development of a cnemistry program. Grace Ross Lewis, Chemicals in everyday products, Ed.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Drug discovery at the enzyme level Drug discovery at the enzyme level — chemical models and mimics for enzymes — receptor peptides, carbohydrates and other bioactive molecules — enzyme inhibitors — design and synthesis — DNA — protein — interaction and DNA — drug interaction – enzymes in organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry Unit III.

Laboratory classes on alternate weeks for Physics and Chemistry. Nuclear Chemistry Modes of radioactive decay and rate of radioactivity decay — Radioactive detectors — types of nuclear reactions — Artificial radioactivity — Nuclear stability — packing fraction — mass defects and binding energy — nuclear fission of uranium, liquid drop model — nuclear fusion — essential features of water coated thermal reactors and fast breeders — neutron activation analysis — carbon and rock dating — applications of tracers in chemical analysis, reaction mechanisms, medicine and industry a y n u r Unit IV: How much can human lifespan be extended?

Environmental Chemistry Pollution Control Latest ed. Representation of Three Dimensional objects — General principles of orthographic projection — Need chemisttry importance of multiple views and their placement — First angle projection — layout views — Developing visualization skills through free hand sketching of multiple views from pictorial views of objects.

James Holler, Analytical chemistry: Thisinvolves integration of 1 Engineering Technology, 2 Nature Sciences. Properties of Spinel-Type Oxide Electrodes: Experimental determination of stability constant — factors influencing — Stabilization of unusual oxidation states by complex chemostry — the natural of the metal — ligand bond, molecular orbital theory of a complex and its limitation — Crystal field theory — concept, influence of ligand on CF splitting and limitation — Ligand field theory — Jahn — Teller effect — electronic spectra and magnetic moments.

  IEC 61169-4 PDF

Alkaloids — Tropaine alkaloids — Atropine — Quinoline alkaloids — Quinine, cinchonine — opaparerine — opium alkaloids — morphine. Estimation of alkalinity of Water sample. Whenever the total number of candidates in a college exceedsenglneering University Examination in that college will be conducted in two sessions FN and AN on the same day for 50 percent of students approx at a time.

Chemistry in engineering and technology j c kuriacose pdfRajaram Title of the Book: The answer paper shall consist of drawing sheets of A3 size only.

Explosives Explosives — uses — properties and tests — explosives for war — nitrocellulose — picric acid and T. Fluorescence Spectroscopy Principles of fluorescence – static and dynamic quenching of fluorescence — steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence – excited state intra-molecular proton transfer ESIPT — intramolecular charge transfer ICT — fluorescence resonance energy transfer FRET — fluorescence anisotropy – fluorescence correlation spectroscopy FCS — fluorescence confocal microscopy — principles and applications of the enyineering methods Text Books: Oxides, nitrates and sulphates Text Books: Supra Department of Chemistry 13 molecular chemistry — preparation and structure of catenanes and rotaxanes — molecular recognition — synthetic applications of calixarenes and cyclodextrines.

Burger’s Medicinal Technologgy, 6th ed. Properties and application by Philippe Boch and Jean claude, Herms science publication, Deals about error analysis in chemical measurements and results Unit – I Introduction to research Introduction — scientific investigation — research process — broad problem area – preliminary problem identification and analysis — design of research sources – completion of research methodology.

Polymer nano-composites Introduction to — conducting polymers and composites, applications in sensors, batteries — conventional technolohy — filler-matrix interaction, continuous or long and short fibre reinforced composites, laminates — Introduction to polymer nano-composites — clay, CNT, particle filled —advantages and limitations of nano fillers — surface treatment on nano-fillers — applications of polymer nano-composites — packaging, automotive, mechanical components.

Fuel Cells — Introduction, definition, differences between a battery and a Fuel Cell and advantages. To study about Tafel and linear polarization methods 2. Classification of colloids, Lyophobic and Lyophilic sols, size and range. Types of corrosion — Wet or electrochemical corrosion — Types — factors influencing corrosion — Corrosion control.

Fuel cells- Introduction, types of fuel cells, advantages. Stereochemistry — II Topivity and pro stereo isomerism — Homotopic ligands and forces — enantio topic ligands and faces — diasterotopic ligands and faces, Nomenclature of stereoheterotopic ligands and faces. Chemistry In Engineering And.


Potential step method chronoamperometry under diffusion control Derivation of Coettrell equation for a planar and spherical electrode- significance of spherical diffusion — Derivation of Ilkovic equation. Synthetic petrol — Bergius process and Fischer Tropsch process. Corrosion and Control Corrosion losses, chemical corrosion- oxidation, Pilling-Bedworth rule, electrochemical corrosion – galvanic corrosion, differential aeration corrosion-pitting corrosion, water line corrosion, tchnology corrosion soil corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, Factors influencing corrosion, Corrosion control j.c.khriakose cathodic protectionselection of materials and proper designing, use of corrosion inhibitors.

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Unit II – Reactions at the electrode-solution interface The origin of surface charges, the metal —solution interface, the electrical double layer, outer and inner Chemistdy planes, the diffuse double layer, Gouy-Chapman-Stern theory for the structure of the electrical double layer, differential capacitance, ionic strength, the influence of ionic strength on the properties of the interface.

Bio-Organic Chemistry — I Vitamins: Vat and Azo dyes Vat dyes — classification — indigoid, anthraquinanoid dyes, application, washing and light fastness.

Heterocyclics and Supramolecules Hetero cyclics — Nomenclature — compounds containing two hetero atoms — azoleschemistry of pyrazole, imidazole, oxazole,isoxazole,thiazole and isothiazole-diazinespyrimidines Supramolecular chemistry — preparation and structure of catananes and rotaxanes- molecular recognition-synthetic applications of calixarenes and cyclodextrines-organic reactions on solid supports zeolite,clay,alumina and silica a K Text Books 1.

Petroleum cracking — definition, Fluidized bed catalytic cracking. Chemistry in engineering andChemistry in engineering andChemistry in engineering andtechnology j c kuriakose pdftechnology j c kuriakose pdftechnology j c kuriakose pdfChemistry in engineering and technology j c kuriakose pdfDOWNLOAD! Faculty of Engineering and Technology Department of Electronics and Introduction to Chemiistry Isomerism — Types — structural isomerism— resonance, Conformational isomers — Newmann projection formula.

Measurement of energy using single phase energy j.c.kuruakose. V-block, Base of a mixie, Simple stool, Objects with hole and curves. Electrodeposition of copper, nickel, chromium, nickel-chromium, zinc, Alloy deposition — Bath formulation — Process sequence — Deposit analysis — Adhesion, Thickness, Porosity, Hardness, Corrosion resistance — Structural and morphological analysis.

Wood work, joints by sawing, planning and cutting. Department of Chemistry 11 Unit II: He will understand the various bonding theories in inorganic complexes and the types of mechanisms involved in coordination chemistry.