Maps are an important part of your trip into and around the Boundary Waters and Quetico. We are dedicated to bringing you maps that aid as a planning. Check for Proper maps for your entry point Here! BWCAW ENTRY MAP INDEX. Scroll down or click on map numbers to see sample section and order maps!. High quality laminated maps of BWCAW, Quetico Park, Isle Royale, Voyageurs, Lake Superior and more.

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Grand Marais District – Overnight Paddle. If you want a reply and are not signed in, please include your email address. Because of heavy demand, it is suggested that you make advance reservations. Map 28 – Brent, Poobah and Conmee Lakes.

No motors generally west of 3 mile island. To delete any routes, go to your Saved Routes page in your account. Some trip options available for paddlers with additional portages. If paddling use entry point 1. K Seagull Lake Method of travel is day use motor. No motors west of American Point. Grand Marais District – Motor Use. Ely District – Motor Use. Access is a boat landing at Snowbank Gwca.


BWCA Overview Map

Access is a boat landing on Farm Lake with access to South Farm. For more information, please call the Tofte Ranger District in Tofte at No motors on Alder or Canoe Lakes.

This is a “Map Enthusiast” msp.

Isabella District – Overnight Hiking. Access to Wood Lake is a rod portage. Include Scale Static Map can’t change. Must camp all nights on Brule Lake day trips to other lakes are permitted.

Dead end lake with no trip options. Large lake with several campsites. Therefore, it should not be used for navigation or solely relied upon for planning.

Access is a boat landing at Homer Lake. Several trip options available with additional portages. Bog lake has four campsites.

For more information, please call the Lacroix Ranger District in Cook at Canoe Outfitters are standing by to help you with your permit and entry points, all you need to do is complete our request form Before entering Quetico Provincial Park: The access is a boat landing at Brule Lake. Cook District – Overnight Paddle. Paddlers access North Kawishiwi from Farm Lake. When this is final, it will probably be for the paid memberships.

Map 1 – Pine, Greenwood and Mountain Lakes. Having an outfitter help you is easier than putting it all together yourself, especially if this is your first time to the BWCA or Quetico Park!


Boundary Waters Canoe Area BWCAW BWCA about the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park

Several trip options with additional portaging. This page was last updated on February 18, Canoe Outfitters are standing by to help you with your equipment needs.

Some trip options with additional portages. Primitive trail is not well-maintained. Access is a canoe landing at Kawishiwi Lake. Small parking lot for about five vehicles. Ma is a boat landing at Fall Lake. The times and distances are accurate for the route presented. The Route Finder Area calculation finds the points you can reach within a certain time or distance. Access is a 72 rod portage from small parking area into Bower Trout. Bwcx River has two small portages which lead to the Isabella river.

Cook District – Motor Use. Must do short portages to further lakes for campsites. Border lake between U. Access is a canoe landing at Round Lake with an 85 and a 35 rod portage to Brant Bwva.

Entry points are listed in black text.