Total Cronbach’s alpha was The BDD-YBOCS had excellent inter-rater ( intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] = ; p < ) and intra-rater reliability. The BDD-YBOCS is an observer rated scale to assess the severity of BDD The COPS is a self-report scale designed to screen for symptoms of BDD in. body dysmorphic disorder scale notes. The body dysmorphic disorder scale ( BDD-YBOCS) was developed by Katharine Phillips and colleagues (details at the .

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Understanding the psychopathology of body dysmorphic disorder in cosmetic surgery patients: This is usually established by specialists in the field before the items questions are worded.

Body Image, 6 3 Pharmacotherapy ybofs body dysmorphic disorder: Mean scores ranged from 8 to Intraclass correlation coefficients demonstrated excellent interrater and test-retest reliability; internal consistency was strong.

Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD – BDD

However, this belief appears to be more related to an overvaluation of the defect than to a delusional perception. Distress associated with thoughts about the body defect 0. Psychology of plastic and reconstructive surgery: Asking patients whether they are preoccupied with minimal or nonexistent flaws will usually miss the diagnosis because patients typically have poor or absent insight, not realizing that the flaws they perceive are actually not visible ybocw are quite minimal.

Validation of the Bdr Image Disturbance Questionnaire in a non-clinical population. Patient selection was conducted between May and Bvd It was developed by Katherine Phillips and colleagues and consists of 12 items and the range is from 0 to Prevalence and clinical characteristics of body dysmorphic disorder in an adult inpatient setting. Factors that are associated with the occurrence of suicidal ideation in BDD are: Test-retest reliability reproducibility is yobcs ability of an instrument to produce stable or similar results on repeated administration when no change in patient characteristics has occurred.


Suicidality in body dysmorphic disorder: Results The purpose of the cultural adaptation or pretest was to evaluate if the items of the translated instrument had been clearly formulated.

The area under the ROC curve was 0. Application of the instrument During the cultural adaptation phase, a psychologist with a doctoral degree and expertise in BDD MJB applied the BDD-YBOCS to the first 10 patients and supervised a second psychologist during the hdd of the instrument to the next 20 patients.

This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. Intraclass correlation coefficients ICCs were used to examine interrater and test-retest reliability. A four-year prospective observational follow-up study of course and predictors of course in body dysmorphic disorder.

Further research is needed on the BDD-YBOCS to determine whether a self-report version of the scale is reliable and valid, which has not previously been investigated.

Should plastic surgeons operate on patients diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder? Updates on the prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder: BDD is common, with a prevalence in the general population of 1.

One factor accounted for Sao Paulo Med J. It includes concerns about body odor and somatic concerns, which are not BDD symptoms. Mean scores ranged from 6. Study strengths include the relatively large sample size, broad ascertainment of subjects, and examination of numerous aspects of reliability and validity.

Interference due to activities related to the body defect 0.

BDD | Scales used for BDDScales used for BDD – BDD

This absent insight delusional beliefs or poor insight may make the patient reluctant to accept the diagnosis of BDD, agree to receive recommended medication or cognitive behavioral therapy, or stay in treatment. Overall, most patients were women Reality monitoring in patients with body dysmorphic disorder.


The cutpoint for the presence of the BDD diagnosis is Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Phillips Oxford University Press, The other factor had factor loadings ranging from. Scores range from 0 to 72, with higher scores reflecting greater depressive symptom severity. She is internationally known for her pioneering research and clinical expertise in body dysmorphic disorder.

Scales used for BDD

It contains seven items and is used for screening for BDD. Unlike generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety and worry in BDD focus on perceived appearance flaws. It is available for a nominal fee or may be used for free in research write to Professor Cash.

American Psychiatric Publishing; It is available for a nominal fee or for free if used in research write to Professor Cash and is available from his website. ICCs also showed good test-retest reliability over one week for the total score and bbdd individual yblcs Table 1. This result is consistent with the original findings of Phillips et al.

Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD

The first 3 items are based on the BDD diagnostic criteria and assess preoccupation, impairment of gdd functioning, and subjective distress, which are related to both excessive preoccupation and compulsive behaviors. We are not sure if the scale is that sensitive to change during treatment but this needs to be formally evaluated.

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.