Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers is a sourcebook from the Masters and Minions is a complete who’s-who of the BattleTech universe, with well. Masters and Minions (M&M) is the Battletech Premier event for the convention season. This event is only run once a year at Gencon and is always on Saturday . This thread is for all issues and problems with Masters And Minions: The ://bg. ?wpsc-product=masters-minions-the-starcorps-.

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Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Author of the BattleCorps stories Feather vs.

Further, an orbit over the north pole is going to cross over the southern pole. Alshain doesn’t appear on maps prior to the Star League era.

Classic Battletech: Masters and Minions – The StarCorps Dossiers | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Plus, her father Richard was born in according to Brush Wars. Each master gets 2 mechs while each player brings 1 we will print your record sheet on site, please check our website for information. Returning players, please read this post.

This creates a game of 4 mechs on 4 mechs which will be played on 2 hex boards. The idea behind Masters and Minionw is to give players a chance to play with and talk to some of the movers and shakers of the Battletech Universe.


First PDF release, page This thread is for all issues and problems with Masters And Minions: This event is only run once a year at Gencon and is always on Saturday night. This is also a kill and keep event. Solution – remove the highlighted sentence fragment completely.

This can only be done at the equator. So, it is a win-win for everyone. This is a great opportunity for fans of the Battletech Universe to actually play Battletech with the authors, artists, developers, and other movers and shakers who bring Battletech to life.

Masters And Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers

The mechs the Masters use are excellently painted and you will get to take one home. It’s more interesting than optimal, and therefore better. We try to bring together Masters from all aspects of the Battletech universe. Geosynchronous orbits follow the mastera rotation in such a way that the ground appears stationary below the satellite.

Battletech Masters & Minions Starcorps Dossiers

It is also a chance for the Masters to take some time out of their busy convention schedules to actually relax and play a game.

The numbers don’t add up. Generally absent from the forums at this time. I have posted this in Ask the Writers Dalma Humphreys – born in which year?


You bought the box set and are ready to expand your BT experience. Players also have the opportunity to keep the minis of mechs of the masters that they kill. Please remember to follow the errata report template when reporting issues.

Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon. Mastera year master teams will be listed as competitive or casual so we can better match up the level of play desired by the players and masters.

Come play with the creative forces that bring the whole Battletech universe to life!

Masters and Minions

Players do not need to bring their own minis to the game they can if they like, but the masters will not keep the player minis if the master kills the mech. Pretty cunning, don’t you think?

Possible suggestions for the correct year are or Baytletech on pg, Alshain: Also good for new recruits. At space station sticking over a pole would not be in an orbit; it’d be stationary.