Points de vente. Centre · Est · Ouest · Sud. Localité, Distributeur, Adresse. Subscription. Whether you are a regular or casual reader, the Baosem has. Subscription. Whether you are a regular or casual reader, the Baosem (tenders.

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Looking for more tenders? Use our Simple Search to find recent tenders in your field.

All requests for clarification and questions must be submitted by email or facsimile as per General Bidding Instructions. Only companies that have confirmed willingness to participate will be considered in the clarification process. Bidders must submit their technical and commercial offers together, each in a separate sealed envelope, each envelop shall contain one 01 original and two 02 copies and one 01 electronic copy in USB flash memory.

The two envelopes should be placed in a double sealed envelope addressed as mentioned on General Bidding Instructions Attachment B, Paragraph 1. Baowem bids received after the closing date and time will be treated as null and void.

Bidders will remain committed by their tenders for a period of Days from the deadline of receipt of tenders. This notice only concerns specialized companies in Sedimentology, Petrography and Diagenetic Study of Lower Lagerie Reservoirs with proved experience in similar projects. All costs and expenses incurred by or associated with the participation to this Call for Bid process shall be borne by the candidate.

The two 02 steps submission process applies to this invitation to tender. The tenderers must, in a first step, transmit only their technical proposal, without any price indication. Technical proposal must bapsem made in three 03 copies, in duplicate sealed and anonymous envelope, with the administrative and fiscal documents required in the bid documents to tender, and posted or delivered by hand to the following address: The internal envelope must indicate the abbreviation initials and the social activity of the tenderer and must contain the proposal, and all administrative, fiscal and parafiscal alegrie, dated and referred to, as required zlgerie the agerie bid documents to tender.

Rhinotenders | Appel d’Offre Algérie Baosem Bomop Journaux

The external envelope must be anonymous and must indicate only the address of the receiver indicated above with the following statement: No other date will be taken into account. Tenderers are informed that the bid opening session will be held no later than fifteen 15 days after the deadline for submission or submission of bids.

The exact date of the meeting will be communicated to the tenderers in a timely manner. Tenderers are also informed that any bid received after the opening session, even if sent before deadline for submission of bids, will be considered null and consequently rejected. The bids opening will be held in public session at which the tenderers or their duly authorized representatives will be invited. Tenderers shall remain bound by their bids for a period of one hundred and eighty days after the opening date of technical proposals.


The bids will be reviewed and all adjustments will be registered in minutes report. Tenderers are informed that they must provide in support of their technical proposal a bid bond of: Five Million Algerian Dinars 5. This bid bond, which is valid for One hundred and eighty days, must be issued by an Algerian bank.

For the tenderer who takes the deal, withdrawal of this bid bond will effected as soon as the contract is signed and after delivery of the performance guarantee within the required deadlines, or at the latest by the due date of validity of the bid bond.

The tenderer must fulfill the general conditions of qualification in relation with the subject of the present Bid Document to Tender BDT: Integrity of pressure vessels and rotating equipment – Lot No 2: Hassi Messaoud Units and plans General Information: Sixty thousand Euros 60 Nine thousand Euros 9 Any bid submitted after the deadline set above shall be considered null.

Bid bond validity is equal to the period of bid validity days which may be extended 30 additional days. This deposit must be inserted in the envelope containing the technical offer. The envelopes containing the selected bidders financial offers will be opened and examined in their presence bidders who wish to attend or their representatives duly appointed at the opening session and review of the financial bids to be held on the date, at the time and address mentioned in the invitation addressed only to bidders whose technical bids declared conform to the requirements of the Bidding Documents.

Tenderers will remain committed by their offers for a period of one hundred and twenty calendar days from the date of opening of technical bids. Tenderers may withdraw the Bidding Documents at the following address: The amount paid for the withdrawal of the Bidding Documents and all related costs are not reimbursed.

The tendering process will be conducted in one 1 step.

The purely technical offers without any reference to the prices and accompanied by the documents required in the specifications must reach the following address in double enclosed and anonymous form: Any submission received after this time will be considered null and void. The deadline for receipt of requests for clarification is ten 10 days prior to the above date for submission of tenders. The folders will be opened in the presence of the representative s of the tenderers who wish it at the opening session which will take place at the following address: The tenderers will remain engaged by their tenders for a period of days from the deadline for submission of technical tenders.


Tenderers whose technical offers will comply with the requirements of the SAFIR SPA specification will be invited in a second stage to submit their commercial offers.


No trademark permitting the identification of the tenderer must appear on the outer envelope, otherwise it will be rejected. Implementation of an akgerie management of documents solution. Exterior Bank of Algeria. The Amount paid for the Withdrawal of the Tender Documents and all related costs are not reimbursed.

The call for tenders process will be completed in two steps The Purely Technical Offers without reference to Price and accompanied by the documents required in the Book of Specifications should be sent under double Sealed and anonymous Envelope to the following Address: Any Submit received after this Deadline will be considered Null and Void.

Use our Simple Search to find recent tenders in your field Search. Bids will be submitted in accordance with the requirements of tender file with no indication of price at the BOG BJSP Office under double sealed and strictly anonymous cover.

It have to be delivered to the following address: Bidders will remain bound by algfrie Tenders for a period of one hundred twenty days accompanied by a further period of thirty 30 calendar days. External Envelope has to be anonymous and mention only the following address: The meeting will be communicated to them by letter of baoesm.

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