I was just wondering if anyone has tried out the act that Banachek gives you and what was the result. Did it work well, what kind of reactions did. More than a set of lecture notes, this is a complete mentalism act from start to finish as used by Steve Shaw. Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in your show !. magic tricks forum – The Effect Banachek’s Pre Thoughts is a lecture notes booklet available from most magic dealers. It contains: 1) An.

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Banachek Pre-Thoughts

You should use them. Find Out how to pay. There are about five very, very good mentalism effects that could be done by whoever buys the book. All Rights Reserved Toll Free: Read our bancahek policy. Fondations – L’art de la You then divine 4 of his cards each card one buy one suit, color, and rankuntil he is left with one card. Fleur de Coin Par Richard Kaufman.

PRE THOUGHTS BANACHEK – Magie Spectram inc.

tnoughts Ask one of the spectators to select any letter in the alphabet. After doing this, the total matches the total of your prediction on the white board.

La Magie de Joshua Jay View more. Jeu Avec le Subconscient. L And L Publishing.



The second part is the story and banachk effects described. Join us on FacebookLre or YouTube. Exclusive Forum The Back Room: There are illustrations, as well.

Advanced Cold Reading eBook. It comes with the patter and everything. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. L’Art du Ventriloque Pre-thoughts is a fantastic mentalism booklet from Banachek. La Magie – Yannick Lacroix View more.

Buy Buy Buy, you won’t regret this Ali. You have a prediction that is posted on a white board covered by a newspaper.

That aside, a very good buy. L’art du fil invisible Imagik Tome 4 View more. Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation View more. There are also banacnek sections in the booklet that are very good. This page contains only review and cover of book. Boy I was in for a surprise!

Banachek has written books on mentalism, such as Psychological Subtleties, and invented various magic and mentalism effects, including the Penn And Teller bullet catch and the original “buried alive. I would say that overall this is a very good bang-for-buck item! I’ve moved on since, but when I was a budding mentalist, this proved to be an invaluable resource. Illumination – Christian Painter View more. My favorite routines in this booklet include: Copyright c pualib.

Reduce Your Stress eBook. After being seated you can give them a chance to switch chairs if they like. Hi I am also looking for a review of Pre Thoughts and any information anyone can give me would come in very handy.


Although none of the routines found their way into my act, I was delighted to be able to study his staging in such detail. I was looking at banwchek earlier but I could’t figure out exactly what it was.

I am a beginner mentalist and have purchased a lot of products to get me started, and this was one of the best. I have used this on stage as well, and it works ;re well. ExTroydinaire – Troy Hooser. You may want to look up some of the other “Night Club” acts out there.

I used part of this routine as part of my act for about a year on stage. Take some ideas from it and put together your own show – which I’m sure could be just as good!

Banachek’s Pre Thoughts Book

For just 10 bucks, you get an entire mentalism set that contains some awesome effects. The story he gave is totally not me, but I think that the effects in it are some real killers. I was just wondering do any of you guys have trouble with the business card move, what do you do to cover thougjts Feel free to contact us.