Azoic dye definition is – any of a group of water-insoluble azo dyes formed by coupling of the components on the fiber —called also ice color, ingrain dye. The dyes containing azo groups – N = N – are called Azoic Dye. These are not ready made dyes but are produced by reaction of two. Structure, Chemical Name, CAS, MF. 4-Chloronitroaniline · , C6H5ClN2O2. 3-Chloromethylaniline · , C7H8ClN. 2-Amino

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Coupling is necessary for color production. Azoic Dyes are also called as Azoic or Nepthol Dyes. Then NaOH is added into the bath. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The quantity of hydro — sulphide is increased in the case of yellow combination.

An overview of Azo dyes – Textile Apex

Definition of azoic dye. Dictionary Entries near azoic dye azo dye azofication azoic azoic dye azoimide azole Azolla. This problem can be rectified by boiling the fabric in soap.


Now boil for 20 to 30 minutes until the shade is reduced to a pale Light yellow or brown color. Azoic dye is that which has insoluble azo group.

Azoic coupling components are insoluble in water. Now the bath is ready des steeping textile goods for a few minutes In this bath, any naptholated goods, excepting the napthol AS — G will look yellow.

In Greek, a means not and zoe means to live. Brightness of shade is also admirable. These dyes cannot be applied directly on the fibers as dyes. This dye stuff is called developed dye due to formation of dye in fiber during dyeing process.

These dye stuffs are always used in dyeing cellulosic material. Formation of Azoic Dyes. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia.

An overview of Azo dyes

Developing Bath 2nd bath. The environmental impact is low here. Difference between Melt, Dry and Wet spinning. Classification of Nepthol Dyes.

  EN 14532-1 PDF

It is done only for neutralization of goods. Two steps are required by dyeing with azoic color. And the fabric becomes naphthaled.

It is directly insoluble in water.

Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. The coupling component is finally soluble in diazotization reaction. So printing becomes uneven.

This practical will help us in our study life as well as job life.

And is one way vyes correct than the others? The yellow combination with AS — G and those with napthol of high substantivity are the most difficult one to strip. Need even more definitions? If the color is not received to it, then it will indicate that the sample are dyed or printed with azoic color.