Get Avaya D+M Telephone User Manual. Get all Avaya manuals!. View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: User Manual. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity . View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: Users Guide. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity , .

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Telephone In stallatio n.

To cancel Call Forwarding1. Page 21 Whisper PageThe Whisper Page feature allows you, if you have appropriate permissions,to make an announcement to a person at another extension currently onanother call. If you are using a PC, make certain your communications software is 642d4 properly at the speed and parity you want to use. FIGURE Move the retaining bar into its locking position and push in the left and right plungers to secure the units in the data mounting.

Page 27 —and slide it toward the top of the telephone.

If you are using a telephone with a display, press the Menu buttonand, if necessary, the Next or Prev button until Prog appears on thedisplay screen. Place the telephone face down on a flat surface.

Avaya D+M User Manual (Page 61 of )

Applications and Switch Administration Page D Network Access Requirements Configuration and Administration Example signaling, network initiated loopbacks can not be performed because the commands would be interpreted as an on-hook signal and the switch will drop the connection.

These tables are used to translate between numeric codes and their English text equivalents. Press the selected AD button, either a feature button or the softkeybelow the AD feature on the feature menu screens.

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The option name and setting screens are shown in Table Press the button on which you wish to assign this feature. Page 13 call by pressing its call appearance button. Continue to pull the tray until it is completely separated from the base. Don’t show me this message again. Page 56 Chapter 4: Feedback Tones 644d TonesMeaningcoverageOne short burst of tone; indicates yourcall will be sent to another extensionto be answered by a covering user.

In the above example, the arrow abovethe Timer feature indicates that feature is active. The options, listed in Tableare explained in this chapter. Voice terminal definity g3 – release 6.

Page 22 Programming Telephone Numbers for Memory Dialing You can program up to nine telephone numbers for memory dialing of data calls and assign them customized names for easy access. Using At Local Mode Commands This manual also for: Applications and Switch Administration The remainder of this Appendix will cover the details necessary to support HSL applications avaua the switch.

Local Mode In local mode, commands typed at the data terminal keyboard are read, interpreted, manyal acted upon by the ADM to make and end data calls as well as to modify data option values.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Page 11 uncorrected UI-frame mode connections over 56 Kbps facilities. Use the following directions for installing anyof these telephones.

Snap the hook firmly into place. Page 41 Speed Option Values: Press the call appearance button in question.


To place an AD call1. Dialing with the RS interface RS is a machine interface.

Seed in Figure 7. Page 96 Appendix D: An operational mode where the HS Link has gone offhook to answer an incoming call and is waiting for a command from the switch to enter the data mode or disconnect manuak call.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual Page 61

For more detailed information on data mode, refer to the Mode option in the “Data Option Definitions” Page 50 Chapter 3: Applications And Switch Administration To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The top line of each softkey feature menu screen shows you the status ofeach of the four features. Page 13 Press for odd. The HSL displays the following messages on the front panel as it performs its startup self-test.


Page 94 Appendix D: Ac Power Chapter 7: Page 9 The top line of each softkey feature menu screen shows you the status ofeach of the four features. To do this, the Routing Pattern form Screen D-4 is administered in the following manner: For example, use the following command to dial a number stored at memory location 1: Don’t have an account?

Page 16 Chapter 2: Never spill liquid of any kind on thetelephone. Organization Of This Guide Don’t see a manual you are looking for?