Receive Hope and Happiness to Change Your World. A man was on a business trip in Boracay decided to let his wife follow him there the next day. When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick. Arun Gogna. likes ยท talking about this. Arun Gogna is a motivational speaker and a best selling author based in the Philippines.

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Arun Gogna

I recommend him to organizations seeking to re-connect with its purpose and rediscover earthly and divine inspiration to move forward. His message cuts across people of different professions, career stages, age, gender and nationalities. Truly an enriching learning and inspirational session.

Today Is Your Day. Because we were taught that to be happy we need to do great work and goyna. We were taught wrong!


Happy Secrets to an Obedient Life

What if we start by being happy? If we are happy already, everything changes.

If we start being happy, then we feel great. We will then do great things and become successful in life.

If you become part of HappyAkoClub, you will always start your day happy. No problem, just send a message to our friendly team! Have bouts with dementia.

Have poor circulation; hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. A good measure, pressed down, boiks together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.

A prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family.

Enjoy God’s Best for Your Life by Arun Gogna

Nuggets of wisdom, wit, and wackiness. Giving you the best experienced speakers.

Many CEOs look to trainings and seminars in order to educate and motivate their managers and employees. Their hope is that an increase in manager know-how and morale will lead to an increase in workforce productivity.


Some of the companies listed are very known here in the Philippines. Sign up now to our newsletter and get our weekly blogs. How did you know Mr. Can we sell books: Do you allow Salary Deduction: