And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side. Every twenty years, a new Archangel is chosen to govern the land of Samaria. The new Archangel is introduced during a great musical chorale to honor the god .

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Was Rachel’s contemplation of taking in another suitor mystifying? View all 7 comments. With the enchantment of her words Shinn draws you into her world and entices you to stay. I hated the Adam thing.

Every twenty years a new Archangel is installed and they assume their power when they sing during the annual Gloria ritual with their angelica, or chosen bride. Here we have a truly magical landscape peopled by diverse tribes rich with customs and shared traditions, the heroine as a former slave with a special destiny, power intrigues among the rich, a traditional villain who seeks to rule the world, and the classic struggle between good and evil upon which the fate of the world hangs.

It’s just listening to people and trying not to hurt people if you can avoid it.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn | : Books

Books by Sharon Shinn. I’m baffled by how much people actually love this! Samaria comes through entirely convincing, even if in a fantastical way, as it is utmost human.

Aechangel too is multi-dimensional, having grown up to assume the task of Archangel, and his growth under Rachel’s influence is slow-burning and moving. Archange the next Gloria, or festival of song, the angel Gabriel will take over the duties of archangel from old Raphael, so he asks the oracle Josiah, who Jovah has decided will be his bride. Read it Forward Read it first. Very creative and different. Rachel has a heavenly even I’m rolling my eyes at me singing voice.

The whole story is about their unlikely romance, couched between end-of-the-world threats and sninn and a great deal of flowery prose about the white, black, and gray areas of right and wrong. The plot employs some Christian scenarios, but it is not supported by biblical or historical references.


Flying angels have been ordained by the god Jovah to watch over the people of Samaria. But underneath her hard exterior is a woman who is adchangel to love yet no longer trusts love or good fortune. There was a problem adding your email address. Can somebody please smack some sense into her! I would recommend reading in published order. Until then though, I’ll probably keep these characters in my heart and hope that others will discover Sharon Shinn’s masterpiece as well.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn

Angels exist who have wings, can fly, and via beautiful singing can change the weather, call down rains to help crops. Also by Sharon Shinn. The gradual development of their relationship was touching.

From national bestselling author Sharon Shinn comes a stunningly beautiful novel of a distant future—where the fate of the world rests on the voice of an angel… Through science, faith, and force of will, the Harmonics carved out for themselves a society that they conceived as perfect. Archangel Samaria 1 19 Jan 31, Given the reality that Jehovah is a ship, his position is actually the right one. A science fiction world that resembles an alternate reality that could be the future or past.

I will come back to you, or I will find you – over and over again, as often as we are archanyel, until the end of the world itself.

He has responded to my prayers countless times. Each baby dedicated to the god receives the Kiss, implanted into their arm, through which Aechangel knows you are alive and takes you when you die.

As someone who is nonreligious I was really worried about that and was glad find that the author wasn’t arcgangel to convey any messages or anything like that. Fertile land that embraced a variety of climates and seasons.

Desert Isle Keeper

The leader of the Host at the Eyrie, Gabriel, is preparing to become the new Archangel at the Gloria – a mass sung on the Plain of Sharon – but must first find the woman whom Jovah has selected as his wife.


Somehow it is never belief in a higher power. My first poem was about Halloween: I did not expect to read a book with a love story in it that believed in what I believe in. When the students of a famous Performing Arts School left for their outing to Stonehenge one morning inthey had no idea they would witness the crash of a meteorite.

Rachel, shjnn of Seth and Elizabeth, for her part has not been dreaming of a place among the angels. Sep 03, LPJ rated it liked it. Cause she’s acting like my spoiled 5 year old brother!

Furthermore, her actions are driven by the fact that she has never had choices in her life and as such, she seizes the opportunity to be free of Gabriel’s clutches, despite the fact that they gradually fall in arcangel. Every twenty years, the power of the Archangel is passed down to the next generation, where the archangwl and his or her mate must lead all of the peoples of Samaria in the Gloria to sing praises to Jovah and show Him that they live in peace and harmony—otherwise, Jovah will cast down his wrath.

Which genre is it? This story gets a three star rating because of the details and music description but that’s about it. Jul 10, Inara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It went on a littttle too long for me.

With her past, Rachel has become stubborn, unwilling to allow anyone close to her heart and her unyielding aarchangel often does more harm to her life than good. That’s really hard to do, writing about music that you can’t hear and doing it in a way that reminds one of music you make up in your own head, or dreams. Arxhangel are implanted with a Kiss on their arm at birth, in order for Jehovah to know they exist.