AR 600-8-8 PDF

AR –8– Military Awards. This administrative revision, dated 6 August — o Supersedes Army Directives , , and. AR , ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND AR , ACTIVE, 04/04/, THE TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP. AR –8–8. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. This rapid action revision, dated 4 April o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers.

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This appendix contains sponsorship questions that are used in the evaluation of the Organizational Inspection Program. Requisitions and Assignment Instructions for Officers. Steps 600-8–8 appointing a reactionary sponsor.

This section contains no entries. Ensure an early orientation visit to ACS.

Army Publishing Directorate

If the Soldier is being assigned to—. Sponsors of first-term Soldiers will remain sponsors to the inbound Soldier for a period consistent with the needs. Sponsor support provided 600-88 Soldiers from an installation after reassignment notification.

This publication uses the following abbreviations, brevity codes, and acronyms not contained in AR — Sponsors will receive feedback on their performance.

Army Community Service Center. Assist departing Soldier with tasks essential to leaving installation per AR —8—and with additional outsponsorship requirements.

Reactionary sponsorship will be offered to qr Soldiers in ranks private through colonel, and civilian employees through grade 15, who arrive at an installation without an 6000-8-8 sponsor. Surveys, inspections, and reports should be used. The organization, activity, or military community that has overall command responsibility for the sponsorship program where the Soldier or civilian employee is assigned.


The sponsor assists the new arrival with inprocessing. The steps required for sponsoring a Soldier or civilian employee are shown in table 2—6.

Exceptional Family Member Program. Refer departing employee to the local ACS for relocation readiness services.

Rear detachment sponsorship Sponsor support provided family members of Soldiers 6008–8 civilian employees whose unit or activity is deployed from an installation and is scheduled to return to that installation. Other information that may be needed in advance of arrival, such as information on the unit or activity, should also be provided.


The sponsor will answer followup correspondence from the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within 10 working days of receipt of correspondence. Rules 60-8-8 sponsoring a Soldier or civilian employee a. Lower Mississippi Valley Div. Louis Vicksburg Memphis Commander, U. Steps for appointing a sponsor for civilian employees. The sponsor assists the new ag with inprocessing only when necessary. This should include minimizing family separation during the period the family is settling in at the new duty station that is, avoid field duties, and temporary duty.

Appoint a sponsor, unless declined, within 10 calendar days. Commanders will make every attempt possible to assign same-gender sponsors for Soldiers and civilians, especially for first-term Soldiers. Meet Soldier or civilian employee and family as arranged. References Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Program Overview, page 3. Trans-Atlantic Div Commander, U. The Chief, National Guard Bureau, will ensure that a valid sponsorship program, per this regulation, is in place.


Prepare and mail a welcome letter. Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor—Continued. Are welcome letter and information forwarded from sponsor to incoming Soldier within 10 calendar days.

DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands. Rules for appointing a reactionary sponsor Follow instructions in paragraphs 2—8 c 600-8-8 2—8 d. Greet and receive new Soldier or civilian 600–88 as described in paragraph 2— These packets will normally be obtained by the new arrival or the sponsor for the new arrival, rather than being mailed to the departing individual at the losing installation.

Sponsorship is mandatory for first-term Soldiers. States, and the U. Cited in table 2—1.

Counsel Soldier about sponsorship program. Installations will operate out—processing systems to minimize disruptions in the departure process. Sponsors represent the first impression of a new qr for an incoming Soldier or civilian employee. If assignment status changes, the Soldier or civilian employee will inform the sponsor as soon as possible. Sponsors will forward a welcome letter to the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within 10 calendar days of appointment.

The sponsor will answer followup correspondence from the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within Gaining commanders will change pinpoint or ultimate assignments of Soldiers assigned sponsors only in rare 6008–8 exceptional cases.