Front view of knee joint showing pes anserine bursa. A bursa is a thin, slippery, sac-like film that contains a small amount of fluid. A bursa is found between. Pes anserine bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the medial (inner) knee at the anserine bursa, a sub muscular bursa, just below the pes anserinus. Your Care Instructions. Here are some examples of typical rehabilitation exercises for your condition. Start each exercise slowly. Ease off the exercise if you start.

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Incidental meniscal findings on knee MRI in middle-aged and elderly persons. The American Physical Therapy Association APTA believes that consumers should have access to information that could help them make health care decisions and also prepare them for a visit with their health care provider.

The patient may experience spontaneous anteromedial knee pain on climbing or descending stairs and tenderness at the PA [3] [1] [10]. Ligamentopathy Anserie laxity Hypermobility. Calif Med ; Your physical therapist will work with you to design a specific treatment program that will speed your recovery, including exercises and treatments that you can do at home. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider.

N Engl J Med. Include Images Large Print. An elastic bandage can be wrapped around the knee to reduce any swelling or to prevent swelling from occurring [1]. If you believe that this Physiopedia article is the primary source for the information you are refering to, you can use the button below to access a related citation statement.

Examine hamstring length with the patient in the supine position. Physical therapy will help you return to your normal lifestyle and activities. Anserinr continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The bursa then becomes inflamed and tendered or painful [3] and underlying Osteoarthritis of the knee [8].


The conjoined tendon lies superficial to the tibial insertion of the medial collateral ligament MCL of the knee. The bursitis can also be due to a trauma, such as anserin direct hit in ansernie Pes Anserine region.

Pes anserine bursitis

However, you may want to consider: By the fourth week, she was able to participate in half of the Zumba class and by the fifth week, to finish the full class. Her treatment program, bursiris in the clinic and at home, as well as her return to activity, were carefully adjusted to help ensure her safe and effective recovery. Physiopedia articles are best used to find bursiits original sources of information see the references list at the bottom of the article.

Primary Brain Tumors Next: He recommended that she not attend her Zumba class until her symptoms cleared up. Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety.

If you have questions about a medical condition or this instruction, always ask your healthcare professional. When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source. How Is It Diagnosed? Your physical therapist will choose and teach you the correct exercises and equipment to steadily restore your muscle strength and power.

With pes anserine bursitis, you may experience: Email Alerts Don’t miss a single issue. Get immediate access, anytime, anywhere. Gently press on the inner side of your knee to see if it is painful to the touch Assess the range of motion you have at the knee and hip, as well as the strength of some of the muscles at these joints Observe how you are walking, squatting, and performing other functional and sports-specific tasks as appropriate To provide a definitive diagnosis, your physical therapist may collaborate with an orthopedic physician or other health care provider, who may order further tests, such as an x-ray, to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out other damage to the knee.

Knee (Pes Anserine) Bursitis: Exercises

It got worse when she bent and straightened her knee and when she walked upstairs to go to bed that night. Martha enjoyed the first week of classes, but when leaving the gym after the fourth class, she felt a sharp pain in the inner, lower side of her right knee. MRI findings should be compared with those of a physical examination [17] [18]. Where can you learn more? Dermatitis Folliculitis Cellulitis Hidradenitis. Possible conflicts of interest must be disclosed at time of submission.


You may learn specific exercises, work retraining activities, and sport-specific techniques and drills to help you achieve your own unique goals. Given that conservative treatments targeting intra-articular pathology in degenerative knees fail to provide consistent, enduring relief, it becomes important to focus on other etiologies of knee pain. bursitus

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Pes Anserine Bursitis

Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder Impingement syndrome Rotator cuff tear Golfer’s elbow Tennis elbow. Physical therapists anserihe people with pes anserine bursitis to reduce pain, swelling, stiffness, and weakness, as well as identify and treat the underlying cause of the condition. How far the knee can be extended will indicate hamstring length and tightness.

We can say that an inflamed bursa is not a primary pathology, but rather a consequence of an earlier complication. We can locate this at the proximal medial aspect of the Kneetwo inches below the medial knee joint line between the pes anserinus tendons [2] [3] [4]. A number of treatments targeting pathology inside the knee joint have not been proven to be effective or only provide short-term benefit.

The three tendons of the Pes Anserine are located superficial to the medial collateral ligament MCL of the knee [6]. Saphenous nerve entrapment caused by pes anserine bursitis mimicking stress fracture of the tibia.