Modero, Nxdvi • Read online or download PDF • AMX Modero NXDVi User Manual. View and Download AMX NXDVi operation/reference manual online. 10” Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom. NXDVi Touch Panel . Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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Its featured products, the 5. The latest NXDVi firmware kit file is now panel-specific.

All status information is located in the Image Cache Status section of the page. Page 76 If the nxd-1000i firmware being used is not current, download the latest Kit file by first logging in to www. Monitor Panel Display only; indicates the 1: The best known manufacturer is AMX. You can change the aesthetics of the pages as long as the channel, address, level and links remain untouched.

Typically, this is in the form of a username such as: Input Interface Panels allow you to input through user commands. Re-install the faceplate back onto the panel. Be the first to review this product. The Wireless Access Point communication parameters must match those of the pre-installed wireless CF card inside the panel.

If this field is left blank, the unit will attempt to connect to the first available WAP.

Panel Runtime Operations Pops up the Keypad and initializes the text string ”. Refer to both the Protected Setup Navigation Buttons section on page 78 and the Protected Setup Page section on page 67 for more detailed information.


Ethernet Statistics The Ethernet connection statistics for the panel. Text Settings dialog FIG.

Checking The Panel Statistics The options on the Connection Utility page allow you to utilize your panel as a site survey tool. Verify that the terminal end of the power cable is not connected to a power source before plugging in the 2-pin power connector. Image Caching Page The icon in the upper-right corner of each Setup page provides a constant visual indication of current connection status. Nxd-1000vk Key generator is unique to Modero panels and does not generate the same keys as non-AMX wireless devices.

This option enables you to enter the password for the user at the proxy server. Page panel before allowing it access to the network. The intercom module will only work with AMX intercom capable panels. Environmental acoustics, personal voice level and ambient noise are all deciding factors when setting your mic, intercom and panel sound levels. Ever since then, AMX has been manufacturing quality and award winning products. WAP, not in the firmware. In the popup window, press the Answer button.

Sample Intercom Page Ends an intercom call to a panel. EAP technology some of which require the upload of unique certificate files to a target panel. Other common uses include entertainment systems, industrial command and control centers, security systems, hotels and restaurants.


AMX NXD-1000Vi Computer Monitor User Manual

A small circle appears within the on-screen G4 panel page and corresponds to the location of ndd-1000vi mouse cursor. Page 62 Remember that you will need to navigate to the System Settings page and configure the connection to a target Master.

Terminology The certificate authority CA is a trusted external third party which “signs” or validates the certificate.

The configuration fields described below take variable length strings as inputs. Nxd-10000vi Close when you are done using the site survey tool. Tef The result sent to the Master would be: The number of messages sent from the panel to the master. Ppm Close all popups on all pages.

Domain Enter a unique name to the panel for DNS look-up. Jsb Gets the button ‘OFF state’ icon justification information. Refer to the Appendix B – Wireless Technology section on page 1 for more further information.

AMX NXDVi FGK Leaflet – Page 1 of 2 |

L – Link LED green lights when lights when receiving or the Ethernet cables are connected transmitting Ethernet and terminated correctly. Wireless Settings Page EAP technology some of which require the upload of unique certificate files to a target panel. Name of the popup group.