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Retrieved 20 April In he joined a study group organized by Louis Althusserbecame increasingly influenced by Jacques Lacan and became a member of the editorial board of Cahiers pour l’Analyse. Truth and the Return badiiou Philosophytransl.

If one takes, in binary language, the set with the condition ‘items marked only with ones’, any item marked with zero negates the property of the set. Philosophy and the Idea ellogio Communism.

The structure of being thus secures the regime of the count-as-one.

Books [ edit ] Manifesto for Philosophytransl. This article’s further reading may not follow Wikipedia’s content policies or guidelines. According to a process or procedure that subsequently unfolds only if those who subject themselves to the glimpsed truth continue to be faithful in the work of announcing the truth in question, genuine knowledge is produced knowledge often appears in Badiou’s work under the title of the “veridical”.

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Alain Badiou

Interrogating s French Philosophytransl. However, secondly, this prohibition prompts him to introduce the event. The Foundation of Universalism ; transl.

Retrieved 18 June Badiou, following both Lacan and Heideggerdistances truth from knowledge. To quote Badiou himself, the UCFml is “the Maoist organization established in late by Natacha MichelSylvain Lazarusmyself and a fair number of young people”. He wrote his first novel, Almagestesin On the Maor of Resistance” [ permanent dead link ]with Simon Critchley.


Badiou’s theory of truth, exposited throughout his work, accomplishes this strange mixture by uncoupling alaim from self-evidence such that invariance does not imply self-evidenceas well as by uncoupling constructedness from relativity such that constructedness does not lead to relativism. The idea of a term without meaning is incoherent, the count-as-one is a structural effect or a situational operation ; it is not an event of ‘truth’.

Views Qmor Edit View history. Art is immanent in the sense that its truth is given in its immediacy in a given work of art, and singular in that its truth is found in art and art alone—hence reviving the ancient materialist concept of “aesthesis”. Unusually for a contemporary European philosopher his work is increasingly being taken up aamor militants in countries like India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Polity Press, Wittgenstein’s Antiphilosophytransl.

However, he continues, the dominations themselves are, whilst being relative concepts, badioi necessarily intrinsic to language and constructible thought; rather one can amo define a domination — in the terms of mathematical ontology — as a set of conditions such that any condition outside the domination is dominated by at least one term inside the domination. When philosophy does suture itself to one of its conditions and Badiou argues that the history of philosophy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is primarily a history of sutureswhat results is a philosophical “disaster.


Truthfor Badiou, amr a specifically philosophical category. He employs the strategy of the mathematician Paul J. So if one is to think of a set — for instance, the set of people, or humanity — as counting as one, the multiple elements which belong to that set are secured as one consistent concept humanitybut only in terms of what does not belong to that set.

Alain Badiou – Wikipedia

Columbia University Press, Controversies: Retrieved 24 January This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Please improve this article by removing less relevant or redundant publications with the same point of view ; or by incorporating the relevant publications into the body of the article through appropriate citations.

Mathematician Alan Sokal and physicist Jean Bricmont write that Badiou proposes, with seemingly “utter seriousness,” a blending of psychoanalysis, politics and set theory that they contend is preposterous.

It is to name the indiscernible, the generic set, and thus name the event that re-casts ontology in a new light. Stanford University Press, Political Action and the Organisation Epogio.

Continuum, Polemicstransl. In the last decade, an increasing number of Badiou’s works have been translated into English, such as EthicsDeleuzeManifesto for PhilosophyMetapoliticsand Being and Event. The Communist Hypothesis pbk. These conditions are thought of in terms of domination, a domination being that which defines a set.