Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado. animgif. The philosophical notion that the cosmos is filled by a superfine gas, called Aether, originates. May 1, Aethro Kinematics Steven Rado Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. File Size, MB. Create Date, May 1, Aethro-kinematics Amazon. Steven Rado () Steven Rado () Biography. All rights reserved. © Aethron Press. SetevenRado’s.

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Aethro-Kinematics is an alternative theory for resolving the perplexities of modern mathematical physics and cosmology.

Common Sense Physics – Aethro-dynamics

kinematic I personally have a signed copy this book by the author who is no longer with us. A dissident alternative to contemporary theoretical physics. This was the difference that has never been found and the null result became the starting point of the Special Theory of Relativity. In selfdefense, therefore, I have had to skim through parts of it.

Tags Aethro kinematics Rado Steven. Using his Aethro-Kinematics theory, he then approaches every single instance where physics has failed since the s and provides the Aethero-Kinematical explanation for gravity, magnetics, photoelectric effect From the point of view of the initial duality of Space the new experimental facts forced the conclusion that there could be no compromise between the featureless void and the all-pervading Aether.

Initially James Clerk Maxwell suggested the experiment in the same article,quoted above: If the light propagated in the same direction as the Earth moves in the motionless Aether,the speed of light should measure After taking physics back in highschool, I was unconvinced of relativity. Rado has given aetrho and use that knowledge to develop novel technologies based upon my newly found understanding of The Luminiferous Aether and the fundamental nature of the universe in which we live.

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His formula became known as the Mach theory, or Mach-number, which expresses the increasing resistance based on a certain ratio between the square of the velocity of the plane and the square of the velocity of sound. See all Product description. He derives kinemztics the math directly after each section, and there are also 3 appendices in the back of the book with more detailed equations. When you are kinematcis reading, you will have a more satisfied feeling about the intrinsic nature of the kiematics however, you will also lose several childhood fantasies of science fiction.


Nothing remained of all the properties of the ether except that for which it was invented,i. Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? More publicity is needed!!!!!!

I have had it for over 12 years now and I continue to make reference to his work in my studies. Sometimes, exceptional people, with great minds, are only “discovered” after they are dead.

Hence,in accepting a purely mathematical description of nature,physicists have been forced to abandon both the ordinary world of sense perception and the validity of common sensederived from that. Could this be how we shall be taught physics in the next century? To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Thus, Modern Kibematics concluded that one of the two fundamental theories of classical physics, or both must be definitely wrong. Aethro-kinematicsThe Special Theory of Relativity lating the speed of motion from one inertial system to the other,is simply based on the addition of distances or eathro.

He derived a mathematical formalism which, in a roundabout way explained the Michelson Null Result and the discrepencies found in particle accelerators. Don’t worry, Rado will teach you, by means of careful analogies and beautiful pictures.

Visit Amazon global store. The least that can be said about your book is that Chapters and 17 constitute a pedagogical masterpiece on modern physics abd the roots of its contradictions. In order to transmit light-waves with the speed of The simple physics of the third millennium. The velocity of sound spreading in the moving room and determined in my coordinate system is not the same in all directions.

Share your thoughts with other customers. With this, a mechanical gaseous model of the Aether became a theoretical potential. The differences in these measurements will be equal to the speed of the train relative to the air.

The measuring methods kinematucs more than sufficient to sense the expected difference,but all attempts through 60 some years failed to show anything other than a definite null result. In case when the train moves toward the source,its speed will be added to the normal speed of sound,and if it moves away from the source,its speed will reduce the measured speed of sound. The next steps in this theory were made by Dutch physicist,H.


Tutorial Catia – dmu kinematics Vr R Now, consider a short familiarization of aethrp of the fundamental characteristics of this hypothetical medium: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The other puzzle showed itself at about the same time in the uncovering of a theoretical and mathematical inadequacy of the electromagnetic theory to explain the facts of the interaction between matter and radiation. Lorentz,who showed that, based on the electromagnetic structure of matter, the resistance of aether would indeed produce a contraction in the same ratio as Fitzgerald proposed.

The speed of sound is always aethrk same if it is measured relative to the air. Sound spreads in still air through spherical compression waves. I have juist finished your “Epilogue, so that I can now put it down and get on with other necessary things, but I expect to return to it for further study and reference.

From the Publisher Kinemattics text book of the 21th century Praise for this Title: It’s been the same case in physics apparently since the s The actual experiment was more complicated,but the basic idea was the same. B The velocities observed in two coordinate systems moving uniformly relative to each other,are connected by the classical transformation.

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The great debate seemed to be settled with the victory of the Aether, when Thomas Young kinemarics by his double slit interference experiment that light consists of precisely calculable wavelengths and frequencies just like sound. Thus,experiments were designed to find if this mass increase maybe different in different directions, but like all others,they gave null results.

If the room is closed,the air is forced to move with it.