AEAT certain importan ember and December th orena Marquina, Xavie .. Modelo). or writing, no form available writing, no form. Another person she spoke to said it was Modelo form. 10 posts but if you go to the aeat web site and go to Oficina Virtual you can search. comunicado tanto a la DiputaciĆ³n Foral de Bizkaia como a la AEAT, es conforme a modelo , el traslado de su domicilio fiscal a Bilbao. 9.

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Spain Money Saving Tips and Offers. Form also allows you to save the tax return generated in order to subsequently recover it. A lot cheaper than the bank and other online currency exchanges! At the top of the form there is a series of buttons and accesses to the rest of the pages of the form. There are cases in which it will be necessary to provide the receipt provided in order to state the option or reason for filing form Thus, the effective registration date will be the date when it is filed in printed form at the Tax Agency offices.

If you have any questions when filling in the tax return, consult the “Information moselo Assistance” for the form. Submission on paper of Form Reply from the “Tax Man” – 1 posts.

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THe registers you as a company or self employed worker. Form – Form On-line processing. Forms and Yellow whites – 2 posts.

This draft may only be used within the term of one month from its validation date. You can find the form design for online filing and the rest of the requirements in the section “Information and assistance” for the form.


If you do not have a file for completion, you should enter the reason for filing the tax return and the pages corresponding to the cause or causes previously stated. Click zeat “Complete, validate and obtain in PDF for printing “. Our Weekly Email Digest Name: Lentils for New Year’s Eve.

Registering with the Spanish Tax Office

This site uses cookies. The characters included in the following list should be used when filling out the form: However, online submission is not obligatory when form is used to request assignment of a provisional or definitive tax identification number.

Vodafone dongle-early redemption penalty? Thank you for sending me your question, I will be in contact shortly. At the beginning of the form, there is an option “Examine. All opinions posted on these message boards are the opinion solely of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Eye on Spain, its servants or agents.

You can access this option at “File and view tax returns”, in the section “Top procedures” of kodelo E-Office or from the section “All procedures”, “Census, tax code and tax address”, “Census”, “Forms andCensus of businesspersons, professionals and employers – Census declaration of registration, modification and deregistration and simplified census declaration”.

Online submission may be done: My wife rang the tax office and she was told by one person that we need to download and fill in the Modelo form.

This draft may only be used within the term of one month from its validation date. Spam post or abuse? Form – Form In-person processing. Those who need to be included in awat register of business persons, professionals and withholders should submit a declaration of registration using form or When you have finished, you will need to validate it.


Selling a UK vehicle in spain to someone returning to the UK – 1 posts. Latest blog posts Ryanair cabin crew announce three strikes in January. Do you know my Grandad?

As stated in the notice, form in PDF format is a draft modell is not valid until it has been submitted at the Tax Agency offices. In these cases, the filing receipt the taxpayer will obtain will contain a notice highlighting that the filing will not take effect until the required documentation is presented and verified. Alicia de Larrocha R. Tax register of business persons, professionals and withholders – Tax register declaration of registration, modification and removal and simplified tax register declaration.

Andalucian Dream Homes – 6 posts. Type of procedure Tax Subject Taxes Object Those who need to be included in the register of business persons, professionals and withholders should submit a declaration of registration using form or modeo Use TransferWise to send money abroad.

Aldea Advisors – posts. To present the requested documents, access with digital certificate or ClavePIN through the option “Submit complementary documents”. Bear in mind that this file must be constructed in plain text format.