La abadía de Northanger has ratings and reviews. Will said: This is my very first romance novel, and I have to say that I’m not that entert. Northanger Abbey has ratings and reviews. Zoë said: Will I ever give a Jane Austen book less than 5 stars? Doesn’t look like it. This is. La Abadia de Northanger/Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen at – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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The type of language that Henry uses does not originate with him: Henry Tilneya wealthy man’s son, meets the charming Catherine, at a dance. Vidal has joined us he has been requested many times, but unfortunately no one has been before us that actually considered him to be their favorite writer.

The story goes like this. Abadiq heroines do, however, all tend to either have sisters or sister in laws, sister figures basically they adore.

I didn’t even mind Catherine. Keeten so we are going to wrap this up. How else if not though the eyes of an innocent young girl who cannot understand the mechanisms of these aspects of the world?

Northanger Abbey – Wikipedia

Men earned the money fan and lavender waterwhile women were keepers of the home agreeableness, …more The marriage standards of the time were: Catherine’s bestie, Isabella Thorpe, starts off as an average chatterbox bestie character, but her subsequent gold diggery makes her much more interesting if less appealingher brother John seems like an ill-mannered oaf throughout, I kind of like him, his loutishness is good for a giggle. Jane Austen died in July I did, however, enjoy when Austen started addressing us the readers directly and she did as the novel progressed especially in the second and the third part.

It was quite a low-key romance, which I enjoyed, as Catherine did get sad when Henry disappeared for a bit, but it’s not like she stopped going to the theatre and hanging out with her best friends. I love that Catherine automatically assumes the craziest explanation for any situations that occur in her life, because she’s a bored teen and this is what bored teens do to entertain themselves.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? In addition to social satire, Northanger Abbey has the advantage of gothic satire as well.


At times her imagination runs away with her it all gets rather gothicbut at other times, northangerr takes things at face value and doesn’t see the obvious, which is part of her charm, both to the reader and some of the men she meets. Catherine was a bit likable, but not a character that I would remember in the future. It was hilarious, sarcastic, and just my cuppa.

I must admit that during the first half of the novel, I abadka anxious to get to the scary and creepy part which I had been told was part of this Victorian novel.

Mansfield Park – Emma – A Abadia de Northanger

These two are just so full of shit and the audacity of their actions made me so fucking aggressive – I honestly just wanted to see them suffer. Routledge, page Henry retired for a few days to his residence in Woodston, where the father should appear soon with the two girls. Nrothanger have no idea northannger to rate this book, because there wasn’t anything in particular that I disliked, but also nothing that I enjoyed. In later books, Jane A This is one of the lesser regarded Austens.

I hadn’t read it in more than a decade, and decided to pick it up again for a few reasons: Although not published until after her death in but more on that noethanger a bitNorth Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter.


Yes, it is a narrow band of society and culture, within a very specific time-frame, but she sometimes manages to dissociate herself from its constraints, and always excels in what she does.

Why do we like these books? It was during this same period, though, that women suddenly became literate in the millions for the first time in history; and these women all needed something to read, which is what led to the rise of “gothic” literature in the first place, a combination of supernatural thriller and over-the-top romance that was generally perceived at the time as “silly woman stuff. Time for a re-read! They would either complain or only appear for a short time, not enough for them to be fully developed.

Yasmim marked it as to-read Aug 20, He’s my perfect Austen hero, pending my reading of Emma. An ideal friend, then I guess, and all too easily manipulated by those around her. You can’t just write a book about incredibly irritating characters who are flustered by very trivial situations and then say “oh no, but it’s a satire about books that have incredibly irritating characters who are flustered by very trivial situations. I thought a change of subject was in order. Enjoyable story, which started over very well, dipped a bit in the middle then peeked up towards the end.

austdn Katyanna Moura marked it as to-read Feb 15, Paperbackpages. The list goes on and on, my friends. First to be drafted, but last to be published, this novel is the perfect introduction to the more famous and polished works of Jane Austen.

View all 8 comments. There just another telling of boy meets girl in an uninspiring way with a few social issues thrown in.