2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, General Electric Solid State, Silicon transistor. 25V, mA. 2N datasheet, 2N circuit, 2N data sheet: MICRO-ELECTRONICS – NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site. Characteristics of the 2N bipolar transistor. Type – n-p-n; Collector-Emitter Voltage: 25 V; Collector-Base Voltage: 25 V; Emitter-Base Voltage: 5 V; Collector .

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I explore SC and BC datasheets. How datashee find it? I want to know influence of saturation current for value of collector current at real conditions in compliance with Ebers Moll model.


Deriving a reasonably accurate model from a BJT datasheet is non-trivial. You can find a quite lengthy description here.

You cannot find it because there is no “Saturation current” in a real BJT. There will be many mode parameters in an Ebers-Moll model which you will be unable to find in a datasheet.


2N (Micro Electronics) – Npn Silicon Transistor

It’s more of a gradual thing. This behavior is not in the Ebers-moll model. It’s not in any datasheet. Also, if you would try to measure it you will find that it varies over almost everything like forward current, dopings of the diode, temperature, whatnot.

It is probably dataseet same with that Saturation current in the Ebers-Moll model.

When modelling a transistor we tweak it such that it gives a transistor which has a realistic behaviour. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service datzsheet, privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to find a saturation current for BJT from datasheet? The question refers to finding a SPICE model parameter, not to operation of the transistor, so it’s not a duplicate at least not of those questions. ISC is base-collector saturation current.


Spehro Pefhany k 4 I understand you, but if we haven’t any definite value of saturation current then how we can use Ebers Moll Model? In this case it’s only theoretical abstraction which are applicated for ideal cases, isn’t it? You have to read my answer carefully, you still couple this “saturation current” to a physical property of the transistor.


This does not make the model useless, in fact it makes the model usable!

2n3417 datasheet

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