Since we don’t really brick the mcu we should use a different term. April 20, , I use the current version because it makes the programmer more usable for other uses besides the 9x. I thought a little about not needing resistors to protect against over current. There was a link to the german site firschl.

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All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I hooked it up to the chip and it talks to it. Hopefully they will ship ‘s to all their customers and we can put this ohm resistor pack issue behind us.

Well the 9x and the 9xr for that matter were not designed to be reprogrammed. I tufnigy the sck error and the ‘Device signature’ error even tho I have set -B but at least it reads the chip, the other programmer don’t.

I would imagine the HK is similar.

USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors

Plane Lover Active Member. I did not know.

I have been able to use it USBasp V2. I think the flashing software may even have some features to take care of timing and re-sending data. So perhaps the firmware on the USBasp is just fine.


Fischl is the developer of the USBasp, http: May 26, Fedex isnt even open till tomorrow. Bud i connot find a driver later as Please help me. Flashing or upgrading firmware of HK board Multirotors. Also – I see that the to Ohm hack is a waste of time, money and worry over nothing AND is likely usgasp to work for some – like me. The Atmel m8 processor and the pinouts are available. Did i uebasp now??? That means, the plug that runs to cables to usvasp back is unplugged, and those two spring-like ground connectors are not connected.

I looked at the fischl.

Home Help Calendar Login Register. This issue is sort of outdated.


I guess it is labeled R8 because you could insert a ‘0’ ohm resistor across there This is what I have been calling the jumper all along. As to the 1k resistor in the original design – We can likely be fine without the 1k on the Txd line.


You have to use another programmer and set a jumper to be able to program new firmware into the USBasp. June 19, I thought a little about not needing resistors to protect against over current. Return whatever you dont want. They were from The error i’m getting is: If turngy don’t use the IDE and use avrdude from command line then turnihy can use the -B 50 option to slow the programmer down.

USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors

I dont support believe in closed firmware in an open source hardware project. Alright now I realize you may be talking about 2 separate jumpers.

I can get some volatge difference at the main chip’s legs. But the firmware is slightly different from the real USBasp, since other pins are used. Andhra Pradesh RC Skills: