Exterior Features, Controls, and Indicators. The maximum number of paths logical endpoints supported per controller. How do I know if a host has detected my volumes? The time, in seconds, a Busy condition is allowed for a failover is performed. Select the package for the appropriate platform version and array family. Access Configuration Zoning Guidelines. Caution – Modifying Registry entries should only be done by experienced users.

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Only one version of the DSM driver can exist on the server because the driver versions are not compatible. Quiescence wait time exceeded.

Sets the current debug reporting level. Updated Driver Files Required for Windows. Maximum paths per controller exceeded.

Sun StorageTek MPIO Device Specific Module

Discovered device is not a storage array. A disabled device cannot be sun mpio dsm or communicated with until it is re-enabled.

Remove the load balancing policy settings for inactive devices. The directory structures for the DSM driver include these paths:.

Enabling and Disabling Multipathing in the Windows Operating System This section describes how to enable or disable multipathing for your J array with the Windows operating system. Overview of the Sun Storage J Array. Disk devices or HBAs show a yellow exclamation point. Error trying to insert sun mpio dsm new volume sun mpio dsm. These drivers can be generic in nature or can be customized for the specific storage solution. The information is dynamically created only when the storage array is found initially.


The interval, in minutes, during which the failover driver will check for these conditions:.

Sun Storage – How To

Clearing the Enclosure Zoning Password. A Boolean sun mpio dsm that indicates whether sun mpio dsm DSM driver will take the last path available to the storage array offline if the congestion thresholds have been exceeded. Refer to your path failover driver documentation for more details. Use the Mpioo value from the command dsmUtil -g as the value.

You can change the preferred path setting for a volume or a set mpii volumes online without stopping the applications. The default driver is named mppdsm.

The time, in seconds, a Busy condition is allowed for a failover is performed. If neither keyword is used, all of the WWN files, for both currently attached and previously attached storage arrays are deleted. The following items are examples of failover driver controller events and path failover events:. Refer sun mpio dsm the CAM online help for more details about changing ownership.


Dsn root sun mpio dsm for all of the named objects that are created by the ScsiPort driver.


With this information, you can reach these conclusions:. This process is known as a “Wait Sun mpio dsm. The maximum number of failover events allowed during the value set in the FailoverEventThresholdTimeFram e parameter.

The features summary page appears. dun

Troubleshoots a feature or changes a configuration setting. Sense key hardware error received.

This is a restriction of the operating system itself. Inquiry wait time exceeded. Why is the path down at the time of registration?