It sort-of culminated in the Oriel see left , Jamo’s gigantic top-of-the-line speaker that is unashamed high-end, sounding perhaps like a Wilson WITT, but with better bass. Even more, a serious high-end speaker from Jamo! Well, ‘little’ is relative, with its 38x And guess what, these boxes were not bad, for the low amount of money they required. With the big Jamo speakers the instrument simply was there, with its body, the strings, the bow, sometimes Yo-Yo Ma’s fingers ticking against the wood, and natural, powerful dynamics.

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Jamo Concert 8 / Concert 11 – Outdoors Listening Test [English]

This started with the 07 series of speakers, some years ago see right: But the Jamos make you sift through the sofware, discarding less-than-perfect discs, which is not quite what a music system is about! Oh, and with a better price. The driver complement is a Seas soft dome tweeter, and the new Seas magnesium cone woofer, which, incidentally, was pioneered in the Belgian Equation speakers hmm, maybe an idea for a future review But pay them justice and, positioned 1m from the back wall, you are rewarded with a bass and midrange that are very neutral, very open, tight, and controlled.

The software complement was made up of some of my test stalwarts, as well as new stuff: As a small speaker it sounds unbalanced, yet with stands its cost is rather high: Michell Alecto Stereo poweramp: I have more problems with the Concert 8. The black baffle is made of a sand-based compound, very inert, while the rest of the enclosure is of nicely veneered MDF, imparting the Jamos with a Sonus Faber-inspired Danish chique.


The speakers are ported at the back, indicating a position well clear of the back wall. I’m not good at memorizing such trivia.

Jamo Concert 8 and Concert 11 [Italian version] product: No more words needed. After all Jamo is the Number One speaker seller of the Olde World, with – superficially at least – a product line seemingly managed by Pete Townshend: Who are these utterly non-dynaudioed, non-bee-‘n’-oed Danes anyway?

Jamo Concert 11 Floorstanding Speakers

At its best, its combination conceet a neutral and controlled sound with excellent build quality and perceived value, makes it worth its asking price. Maybe a touch too bare, then.

It does not require cheesy tone controls on the amplifier leaving your audiophile pride intact! I, for one, remember seeing the brand first in or 111, when my granddad bought a Goldstar music centre and a pair of small Jamo 2-ways.

This is, in fact, a very very straightforward method for adapting the speaker’s tonal balance to your room, your system, or your taste. Enter the Concert series: Jamo Concert 8 and 11 loudspeakers manufacturer: JamoDK approximate jmao Or something like that. And guess what, these boxes were not bad, for the low amount of money they required.


Jamo Concert 11 Floorstanding Speakers user reviews : out of 5 – 27 reviews –

More speaker manufacturers should do this, but to my knowledge only Magnepan all models and Tannoy just a few follow the same practice. Instead we used some old and jjamo friends: The Concert 11 is a rather difficult loudspeaker that nevertheless, given enough care in finding matching ancillaries, can deliver the goods.

Bring it down top medium damping, and you get a nice tonal balance.

A high-end speaker from Jamo. You can work around this, but at the very least, this indicates that the Concert 11 requires a lot of effort in system and room matching, lest you end up with an overly nervous sound. Even more, a serious high-end speaker from Jamo!

In fact, the level of detail and the utter lack of colouration in these areas surpasses my electrostatics. So, only the medium position sounds fine. Go all the way with the tweeter restors, and you throw out precious air and detail. While Tori Amos and Mary Black did well too, Maniacs was revealed as only a mediocre recording.