Each database area within a storage group may contain extents allocated to different databases. Transaction logs help ensure data consistency. For examples and detailed information about each category, read the following sections. You can also specify a default storage group to handle databases that do not explicitly designate a storage group. A performance audit records how long a SQLBase operation takes, and is useful for performance analysis and tuning.

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Connects and disconnects category 1. Use this type of audit to monitor performance for a particular operation.

Just wanted to check if there were any differences between the two. The Guptaa client drivers do also come in bit and bit variants. Your license of SQLBase includes a bit and a bit database server.

This ensures that SQLBase can undo any uncommitted changes that have been written to disk if there is a crash. SQLBase uses a cache to optimize database input and output. Is it for Windows or Sqlbasd

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You can send a message to the audit files for one or all audit operations. If you experience unwarranted transaction rollbacks, you can disable SQLBase from checking for available sqlbass file space. A database is in an inconsistent or crashed state if it was not shut down gracefully; an example is when you reboot or power off the server computer without first exiting SQLBase using the Esc key after all sessions have exited.


You can’t edit your own events. A media failure can occur as the result of a crashed hard drive, or a number of other hardware problems. All concurrent active audits must have unique names.

It efficiently replicates any supported source database to any supported target databases. A similar concept is an electronic mail group, which is a named list of electronic mail recipients.

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That is because these result sets are needed to serve as the data sources for each successive query you issue. In the directory specified by the tempdir configuration keyword. You can choose what bitness to use based on your operating system capabilities.

It’s entirely different from SQL server.

You can run database replication often, as your target database is never empty while replication runs. The MAIN database stores control information that you can query:.

Differences between MS SQL Server and Gupta SQL Server

Full Convert Replicator Query Documenter. Still hupta figureout much. You can spread database log files across different devices or disks. An audit operation writes its output to an audit file.


SQLBase System Properties

Start performance audit record category 0. This limit does not exist for version 8. Transaction logs, when saved in backup form along with a database, contain data needed to restore that database if damaged by a media failure.

If the page is already in cache, SQLBase uses the copy in cache.

Jeff Moden Posted 2 years ago An extension unit is the amount of contiguous disk space in a database area which is allocated to a database or sslbase file when that file is extended. The performance of SQLBase 12 is highly scalable and does not decrease with a growing numbers of users. This allows concurrent log backups. Converts all source database to all target databases with all ghpta options and optimizations. The format is the same as for the PATH command:.