C13S, Photoconductor Unit, life 30, pages. Sound Power Operating 6. Other than paper the consumables are: The colour cartridges are expensive but they are several times larger than those for average laser printers. Standard warranty was 2 years onsite.

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Ergonomically designed control panel with an LCD status bar.

The printer was introduced around and being sold on clearance lists in July Toner Black 15k C13S Toner Cyan 12k C13S Not signed in yet? The main consumables can be seen in the illustration from the broachure: The difference is rather spectacular in this case. Not signed in yet? X Windows 7 bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8.

If your product is supported by an Epson Scan driver we recommend you use the Epson Scan application to get the best functionality out of your Al-c99100 product. If in doubt buy the PostScript option. The colour cartridges are expensive but they are several times larger than those for average laser printers. When the photoconductor is near the end of its service life the control panel will give the message “Worn Photoconductor”.

If you’re using a wireless connection and your printer is not connected to your router, you’ll need to connect your printer to your router. Remanufacture seems to be limited to a few eBay vendors. We also use Google Analytics to track site usage patterns.


To use it with an Epson scanner, do the following: Not yet an Epson partner? Power up the printer with all the direction buttons pressed to enter maintenance mode and go to the fuser reset option.

Ordinarily the lives are 15, page black and 12, pages for each colour. Here’s how to get it: Here you can change basic settings such as the scanning mode and the location you would like the scanned file to be saved in.

It can adganced take an auto duplex unit, hard disk and Al-c100 or PCL A printer this size is generally shared in a workgroup so the machine has an ethernet print server built in.

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Linux Mac OS 7. First lift the photoconductor unit off the IDT by its orange handle, then release the end-stop on the IDT and lift it to the end of it’s rails and away using the black handle.

Colour Laser Paper Uncoated. A face up tray is an option – it may be helpful where heavier media is handled.


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Epson call their resolution enhancement “RIT” Resolution Improvement Technology and they also point epsonn that the printer has fine control over dot size to 16 horizontal steps Paper Handling: For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information. Find eson repair centre close. The three drums coloured grey are the IDT. It is probably better value that buying the parts individually if they are all life-expired and fitting them all at aonce will make better use of a service technician’s time.

Epson AcuLaser C – Epson

The surfaces of the IDT are light sensitive and must not be contaminated by fingermarks. You may note that the black toner is bigger than the colour cartridges and so much cheaper it looks like a misprint.

Epson say dpi Resolution Improvement Technology. Sound Power Operating 6.