Relevant part of xorg. Is that perhaps part of the issue? After installing this driver, i can use the touchped again. No synaptics driver loaded? The touchpad is still active so I will try to disable it.

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Org XInput driver, version 4. The store conduct with motorcycles and barges except ordinary electronic goods.

Intel Compal* CELGM1 drivers

Using Mint 8 Karmic. I confirm this bug in Karmic 2. I did an upgrade from Intrepid to Jaunty. So I guess this conpal it is not a bug in the driver. The “modprobe fix” does not work. Kamui kamui-rouch wrote on Same thing for original Synaptics touchpads.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – elantech touchpad uses evdev instead of synaptics

Having found out that HAL is now used to configure the touchpad I decided I would see what was needed to configure it. As I understand it from this – http: Do you mean for intrepid or jaunty?


What symptoms do you have Ie, is there any more problems, other than the wrong label? Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on Printing DDC gathered Modelines: Never had any problems in Intrepid.

If this one is closed, I will start the search for or create a new ticket for the problem. The trackpad is detected as a logitech wheel mouse: I’m not familiar with the shared memory problem, is this something that I should try to address with this bug?

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Can you check which version elabtech have installed dpkg -s xserver- xorg-input- synaptics grep Version?

If it works, we’ll have to work out why ubuntu didn’t install it at the beginning. I cannot adjust anything regarding mouse settings and it jumps about from time to time.

Using the first Screen section. This only seems to affect the vertical position on the screen. I cannot see why the settings are lost after a shutdown but not after a warm boot. Elanntech Gardner timg-tpi on Roland rolandu wrote on Oddly, second reboot after upgrade, it started working this morning.


The elantech device was clearly detected, but the touchpad configuration options were not available in the mouse capplet GNOMEand–much, much worse–the touchpad was jumpy. I am still unable to configure it dynamically by using gsynaptics as this still fails to run due to the shared memory problem.

Intel Compal* FL90 Drivers

If I try to move the mouse pointer from the bottom to the top of the screen or vice versa then I have to stroke the touchpad several times slantech which is normal i know. Synaptics capabilities query result 0x00, 0x02, 0x I also seem to be getting key bounce since the change to 8.

Rybahave you checked if any of the xorg. The touchpad worked fine in Intrepid.