When the buffer is again full, a Seamless Link-enabled drive locates the RecEnd address and resumes the recording process. Although the CyberDrive wasn’t the fastest in the DVD dual layer speed tests, the same doesn’t hold true for the seek time tests for the same media. In this case, the CyberDrive managed to read the disc without reporting any problems, while only one sample was skipped. I purchased this burner from TigerDirect. A full power down of the computer does fix it though, and it has only occurred twice. On the other hand, the drive managed to rip and playback all of the protected Audio CDs we tried.

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Does anyone have this problem?

Cyberdrive DXD 8x DVD+RW review |

Once again the drive dxx082d acceptable 3T Land Jitter values. By taking a closer look at the drive itself we can see on dx82d frond panel the supported formats with their maximum speeds on the left. This Taiwanese company has shown in the past that is capable of offering technologically competent drives at very affordable prices. Philips follows with An important issue, however, is that the drive did not manage to make working backups of all the latest versions of SafeDisc game protection we tested.


The best rewriting times for all the drives are presented in the following graph. Right above the eject button located on the extreme lower right, can be found the emergency eject hole.

SafeDisk versions over v2. A little lower and left of centre is the indicator light, which is green while reading and blinking green while writing.

This of course is after the reboot. Comments posted by Thor from United States, February 27, Comments posted by peachesvan from United States, March 08, As for DVD media the drive read accurately all of our defective DVD discs, no matter what the size of the defective area, without reporting any read errors.

CyberDrive DXD 8x DVD+RW DVD Recorder Review | Hardware Heaven Forums

In this case, the CyberDrive managed to read the disc without reporting any problems, while only one sample was skipped.

More information about text formats. After each zone the write speed is increased. As a point in case, we refer you the excellent CD Recording Tests 9.

I hope they implement -R in future firmware releases. Rated this writer 8 of When i run more tests i will post more info. Errors Loudness dB A. The beginning of the second layer is located in the outer tracks of the disc, so that the drive starts reading from the outer tracks toward the inner tracks.


Optorite was the slowest with over a minute’s difference. Seamless Link allows the CD-RW drive to store the RecEnd address, the point in the data to which the recording mechanism has progressed, and pause the recording before a buffer under run occurs. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10 because it does not burn -R media. This drive rips at 12X max with firmware 14SB.

I am running the latest firmware, which is B. Rated this writer 10 of The CyberDrive DXD read the test disc very easily notwithstanding the reduction of speed at the beginning of the first layer. It came with firmware version 10sB.

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All tests were done with firmware revision vB. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

The graph above shows the time required by each drive, at its maximum speed, to write this test disc. Once again the defective area in chberdrive layer was bypassed by the drive.