USB interface, metal front panel and autocutter model. If right margin is greater than printable area, then the printing area width is set at maximum value. Setting remains until next set. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,. We would like to More information. Be sure to observe the correct polarity for the power supply Power supply Every printer available is equipped with a 2 pin male molex connector serie , for the power supply. However, the setting of the last received command is effective.

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This command feeds as much paper as is required to print the bar code.

Printers : TG H

We recommend that you keep this guide nearby for future reference. Loading content, please wait User s Manual MEN. If there are, remove the scraps before proceeding with any other operation.

This command cancels all horizontal tab positions. When using the CODE in this printer, take the following points into account for data transmission: After printing the bar code, this command sets the print cusotm at the beginning of the line. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced.


If uncertain, contact your dealer. The status to be transmitted is shown in the table below: See autofeed parameter on Setup.

Command Emulator 2 Command List 2.

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No part of this document or the software may be reproduced or transmitted in. Be sure to observe the correct polarity for the power supply Power supply Every printer available is equipped with a 2 pin male molex connector seriefor the power supply.

This command cancels the previous horizontal tab setting. Begin Unicode based on Dropped File celm.

Custom Engineering TG2460 + XSPTG2460 Portable & Modular Printer

America Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Inc. Parts Identifications 4 2. When the starting position is specified by n motion units to the right: If counting down reaches a value less than minimum, it is resumed with the maximum value. Clear wireless remotes knob: All specifications are subject to change without notice ODP Content Confirmation 6 2.


After setting the current counter value in the print buffer as print data a character stringthe printer counts up or down based on the count mode set. When y is set at 0, the default setting value is used.

TICKET PRINTER. TG1260 series TG2460 series 60 mm

Thank you for your feedback. Unsafe Link Twitter E-Mail. If this command is entered in Page mode, the printer all the same save the setting. The default More information.

This command is ignored if the next horizontal tab position has not been set. Make sure all components listed below are present and not damaged. E’ vietato distribuire copie di questo Software. This command is carried out once the data has been processed in the reception buffer.

Setting remains until next set.