A couple of practical questions though: It took me a while to get things figured out but now I am busy building assorted light projects with multiple Colorduinos. Hi Mat, I was wondering if your project end up to work, if yes could you please share. Love to see a few projects when they are done! I have to record the code in each of the Colorduino with this address below the two? Hi, I just got my colorduino and was wondering the same thing, have you publicly released the iC2 code?

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Do i have to use my arduino to put a programm on my Colorduino? I need it before 3rd MAY. So, first i move to arduino ide 1. I start my journey in programming when the time I become so interested with colorduino. Can use Uno 3 or Leonardo Thanks, mo. Completely forget what I wrote in the original post, which you were referring to! My other option is the shield below, but it has zero documentation.

Colorduino V RGB LED Matrix Driver – Sklep Kamami

Right now, I can say that it helps me a lot to study a programming and innovate some interesting stuff. In that case you could probably dispense with having an arduino in between the PC and Colorduino. My reply a minute ago assumed you wanted to drive it from the PC continually — e.


Hey people, great project! Is it in the library? Ie not a mega but a or whatever it is? But checking the datasheet for the DM, it states that the maximum output current per channel is 60 mA. Hey Nate, any 5v supply should do.

Full color Rainbow Colorduino V2.0 Matrix RGB LED Driver shield For Arduino DIY

This can be used for example to adjust the white balance of the display. To get it to light up and run the demo code lde just need a 5 volt supply, like a wall-wart power adapter. Hi, I also get errors mentioned above, so i spend a few nice hours with playing and get it work.

RGBmtx will just freeze up your Colorduino, and not work correctly. Notify me of new comments via email. Look for the line. I would like your help or the staff of the forum! I found setup really simple: Are you in London too?

Aloha Would love to be able to run plasma sketch on two or three colordiunos connected together but I need a code example to start with, if anyone feels to help me get started, please my mail is mowbeda optimum.


Colorduino left and Rainbowduino. So is the actual channel capacity mA, or as I suspect limited to mA?

Colorduino V Matrix RGB LED Driver Shield Module ATMEGA p for Arduino | eBay

Do I have to add? I did not understand this part: No reason why a Uno would not work.

Hi Mat, I was wondering if your f2.0 end up to work, if yes could you please share. The code is now on Google code and there is also a link in the text above. The serial buffer has been decreased to 64 bytes, which is too small for RGBmtx to properly communicate with my ColorduinoSlave sketch. So there will be many problems befor im done i guess: Thx for this article.