If the battery is completely dead could this cause a dead short and prevent the machine from powering up? Ask your tech, maybe he has it. I replaced the ac adapter with new and working one and tried to boot up again but it failed. Do you think I should replace the thermal pads on the heat sink assembly? When I press the power button, this time the volume wifi power panel blinked for half a second then nth else happened. Replace the keyboard and most likely the problem will be fixed.

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Thanks for your help. If the AC adapter works properly, I would test voltage on the motherboard where DC jack wires connected to the motherboard. And if it is possible to just replace the fan are they pretty generic?

After a half minute of scanning the screen gets fuzzy and my dv5z shuts down. IML Tech December 20, Bodene Roberstson, but i put it back together and the laptop turns on and seems to be working but screen is just black, any idea of what i have done wrong?

Hard drive — 32C. This will help you to find out what type of motherboard you have installed.

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I also tried resetting the cmos by removing the button cell. Dan September 25, thank you for putting together a pictorial on both the display removal and laptop dis assembly.

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So much for HP Quality. If my guide looks confusing, do not disassemble the laptop yourself. IML Tech May 12, Alf, I have the exact same problem, blinking leds, CPU problem according to HP, only, if I turn on and off the laptop some 60 or 70 times, it suddenly starts and works great, as long as I dont suspend, reboot or turn it off.

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Basically test the laptop with each memory module in each slot. Can you see HP logo? Also, make sure the video cable on the back of 612 LCD screen is plugged correctly. IML Tech April 10, John, Your step by step instructions helped me disassemble my laptop in less than an hour and a half, replace the CPU, and reassemble the laptop in about an hour and a half. One minor detail, at least in my case, in step In fact this is a cnicony defect in dv5.

Thanks in advance for Your help IML 62122 December 27, Peter, After assebmbilng the laptop for the third time screen is flickering, colours are strange an objects are not clear. Alf May 10, Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Minimize it to barebone system: They have never done this before, what does this mean? I assume this is not LCD related issue.


Maybe you chicojy to connect the fan? Try reseating the connection. Well, my boyfriend did as he is trying to fix his HP dv5.

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Anyway after replacing the fan and cn processor a third time, all seems to be working so far. Besides the cheek of asking this question, your guide is the best on the net and far better than the YouTube ones. I have a couple suggestions that may help others in the future.

Sherry January 26, Hey man, thanks a ton!

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Guys, if your laptop does not boot at all and nothing appears on the screen, recheck your memory modules. No matter what happens though, thank you for your time. Can you help me out?

Maybe the fan is bad or there is a problem with the motherboard and it cannot start the fan. Also, you can remove the hard drive and try booting the laptop with Ubuntu disc live Linux CD that you can make yourself. Could the Inverter be causing chicon problems I am having or could there be a short somewhere in the connection 62212 the motherboard to the screen?