The results were weak, as well. He hits a much lower, more controlled drive with it than is normal for him. Great buy for all handicappers! They left him completely cold. Looking for a 5 wood now. Glides through rough better than rescue clubs due to a smaller head and cambered sole plate.

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At impact, it feels exceptionally hard and crisp.

The other now alternates between a Titleist D and a Ping i3. Glides through rough better than rescue clubs due to cwllaway smaller head and cambered sole plate. They may not always fly long, but they almost always sound as though they will. Such is the case with most Callaway woods.

Vig Your Golf Clubs. I managed to find an 11 degree Driver here in the Algarve, and the 7 wood from you at Golfbidder.

One young, strong hitting tester with a swingspeed in excess of mph has made it his regular driver, however. It is a feel that all of our testers admire in the Steelhead Plus fairway woods, but that most have disliked in the drivers.


Callaway Steelhead Plus 9* Driver Firm Men Right Handed

It is definitely not the bsrtha driver that he has used, but that is one of the reasons that the Steelhead appeals to him. I think they are great clubs.

It plays more like a 7. It gets the ball up easily. The ball travels high long and straight with these babies.

So pleased I found Golfbidder. The feel was very unpleasant.

Anyway, that was the start of a love berta. All have generated only moderate amounts of carry, consequently distances have not been great with any combination.

Those accustomed to the lighter, springier feel of large titanium heads will not be happy here.

Callaway Steelhead Plus Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

All of the tested Steelhead Plus drivers hit low, penetrating trajectories for their lofts. Three of our testers have steelhfad a Steelhead Plus as their regular driver during the past year. I did not have a 5 wood. Better at rescues than a rescue club!

Helpline This is due mostly to the nature of steel versus titanium and the subsequently smaller size of the head. Their high, booming trajectories get him into too much trouble. Was this review helpful? Very pleased with my Gallaway Steelhead Caplaway 7 wood. Pitty Gallaway don’t make them anymore!


Callaway Steelhead Plus 9* Driver Firm Men Right Handed | eBay

They are too light for me and need to be hit very gently. With the Steelhead Plus my golf is improving well. There is a rock solid vibrancy that some players absolutely love and others dislike intensely. This Callaway driver has a feel bug sound that is uniquely its own. I love my steelheads, easy to hit with a lovely, satisfying ‘ping’ and you know you’ve it the ball just fine!.

Big improvement on previos club. Distances have been quite moderate, but control has been good.